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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Trading with a Remote Proprietary Trading Fund

August 5, 2018 | 12:03 pm | Advanced Forex Blog
August 5, 2018 | 12:03 pm
Advanced Forex Blog

Why You Should Be Trading with a Remote Proprietary Trading Fund

Over the past couple of years, there has been an influx of forex traders who have left retail brokers and moved towards independently trading at forex prop shops. That trend has grown exponentially and shows no signs of slowing down as even more traders are migrating towards it. If you have been wondering about the reasons that have led to forex traders following this trend, then let me break some of them down. The reason remote proprietary trading funds are so popular is because they offer more benefits when it comes to growth potential, while traders assume zero risks of suffering severe loss, not to mention the increasingly reliable steady income streaming in.

There are incredible benefits to be gained from trading with a remote proprietary trading fund instead of retail brokers. If you have been looking for answers, then you have come to the right place because we are going to discuss the 10 reasons why you should be trading with a remote proprietary trading fund:

1. No-Risk Trading

One of the main reasons why so many forex traders prefer trading with a remote proprietary trading fund is because they don’t have to assume any risks. They aren’t trading with their own money, because the fund is completely funding the trading account. The fact that this is no-risk trading is a deal-breaker for all forex traders, because they will take home all the profits, and the fund will incur any losses.

2. Being on the same side of the market

The remote proprietary trading fund business model is geared towards helping forex traders who are looking to earn money from trading. This is unlike trading with brokers who want forex traders to lose money in trading because that is how they end up making money.

When you begin trading with a remote proprietary fund, you don’t have to deal with anything like that because the fund isn’t a broker. The remote proprietary trading fund is essentially a client of the broker, which means that the profiting capital is going to be the main and core revenue for the fund.

The remote proprietary trading fund is a client, which protects forex traders from brokers, who try to fool around with quotes manipulation of big clients. This means that the fund has your back because it protects the interests of the traders who are part of the remote proprietary fund.

3. Low entry fee

When you are investing money on your own self, you must bring in all the capital, which means that the entry fee is also going to be on the higher end of the spectrum. However, when you are trading with a remote proprietary trading fund, the only capital you must bring is the onetime entry fee. This is only required so that the fund knows that you are serious about trading.

The payment will only be a small portion of the funded account, which means you only pay a low entry fee to begin trading. At The5%ers that entry fee is as low as 4% from the initial account size.

4. Full losses protection

Another great aspect of trading with a remote proprietary trading fund is that you don’t have to incur any losses at all. That is an incredible benefit to have as a forex trader since the fund will be completely covering any losses that you have made in trading. The fact that traders aren’t liable for losses due to their trading activity, is perhaps the best reason to trade with a remote proprietary fund.

5. Share of profits

Apart from not incurring any losses when trading, all forex traders will also get a share of the profits. Yes, you didn’t make a mistake reading that. The remote proprietary trading fund will split all profits that have been made due to trading activities with the fund’s capital. The payouts of the profits will be sent on a monthly basis. The forex traders can also use it as monthly income for their trading performance, which protects them from all losses and allows them to enjoy a share of the profits.

6. Unparalleled growth

The age of trading with brokers is gone because trading with a remote proprietary trading fund is the future. The biggest and possibly best reason is that Forex traders can enjoy unparalleled growth with a proprietary fund. All you must do is prove that your trading activity and strategy is improving, and the proprietary fund is going to offer you even more trading capital.

The remote proprietary fund at offers forex traders with incredible trading capital growth. For instance, if a trader makes a 10% net profit, then the proprietary fund will offer them with an astonishing 100% trading capital growth.

This is what makes trading exciting and one of the main reasons why trading with a remote proprietary trading fund so much fun. If traders can achieve a 10% net profit at least 7 times with The5ers, they will have turned a 10K account to more than 1.2 million dollars in capital to trade. When you compare this with a self-funded account, you will only get a 17K dollar account.

Another great reason to trade with a remote proprietary trading account is that when you withdraw your profits, you don’t have to worry about it impacting your own growth. It is completely different from a self-funded account in this way because when you take out dollars from that account, it will impact your own investment potential. This is something that doesn’t happen with a proprietary fund since you get unparalleled growth when you trade with it.

7. Enforced Risk Management

There are a lot of talented forex traders that fail to make the cut, because of their mentality. The reason they tend to struggle is because of strict risk management and lack of authority, which doesn’t allow them to fully use their potential, and they tend to fail, even if they have excellent trading strategies.

When you are trading with a remote proprietary trading account, you don’t have to worry about risk management, because there are transparent risk management policies. There is no one holding you back or limiting your strategy, and this is what makes the difference between winning and losing.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is that when you are selecting a proprietary firm to work for, you should always find a firm that doesn’t try to interfere with your trading strategies. You should work with a firm that doesn’t have restrictive rules on trading hours, leverage, and tradable assets because then you wouldn’t learn or develop winning strategies.

If you come across rules that seem restrictive or aren’t making sense, then it is better that you don’t work with that proprietary firm. Check to see if you have complete control on applying your trading strategy on the rules, and if you can, then you should go for it.

8. Professional work frame

Most brokers don’t have a professional work-frame setup for forex traders, which is what hinders talented traders from unlocking their potential. That is where a proprietary trading firm holds the advantage over them because they offer traders with all the tools they require. Along with a professional work frame, they provide traders with:

  • Trading platforms that have the highest industry standards, which improves the trader’s chances of making profits from their trading strategies.
  • Having access to cutting-edge execution technology will always help, and if you have access to technology that you want as a trader, it will only help you achieve success.
  • You also get readily available liquidity, which allows you to invest without worrying about losing.
  • If you are trying to grow your career as a forex trader, then the propriety firm is the best option, because they support traders completely by allowing them to take chances.
  • When you are starting your career as a trader, you will make mistakes, and you need someone to guide and counsel you. The proprietary firm will offer you with excellent support for all your trading problems.

The difference that trading with a remote proprietary trading fund is like comparing apples with oranges, because the benefits you stand to gain as a trader are immense.

9. Remote trading – Pro Career with Ultimate flexibility

In the current era, everyone is working online, and this trend has led to remote proprietary trading becoming increasingly common. It allows talented traders of any age and routine, from any time zone, and from any nation in the world to participate as a professional trader in the world of professional financial trading. The great thing about remote trading is that it is like trading with your own self-funded account, with the advantage that you are trading for a fund and don’t have to suffer losses.

This is great for all traders, who are looking to start their careers because they get greater flexibility when they are trading with a remote proprietary trading fund. There are a lot of remote traders, who work separate jobs and combine their business schedule with a professional trading career. Remote trading with a proprietary fund allows you to have a side job because you can work different hours, and engage in trading activity at any time of the day.

10. Less bureaucracy

When you are trading with a self-funded trading account, you will be dealing with a lot of bureaucracy, which hinders you from using your own trading strategy. You must report local tax, and will also find that you can’t use certain strategies because of different regulations.

However, you don’t have to deal with any bureaucracy when you are trading with a proprietary trading fund, because you get complete freedom to do anything you want. The trader acts as a service provider for the fund, which means that they aren’t an investor, and can, therefore, provide their services with zero limitations placed on them.

That has changed the game for a lot of forex traders in the United States, who had been restricted to trade by regulated brokers in the United States. Now they don’t have to worry about anything because they can trade as service providers for proprietary trading funds. It is like having another online job, where you don’t have any restrictions and use your own trading strategies without worrying.

Why You Should Be Trading with a Remote Proprietary Trading Fund – Conclusion

There are a lot of great reasons why all traders should ditch the old-school way of trading with brokers and launch their own careers by trading with a remote proprietary trading fund. The benefits they gain are phenomenal, and I can go on talking at great length about how great it is. However, to ensure that you get the message here is a short summary of why you should be trading with a remote proprietary trading fund today:

→ Tailored for the experienced traders

The best thing about proprietary trading funds is that they don’t try to change your trading style or place any trading restrictions. This is great news for experienced traders because they can use all their skills to make a lot of profit, and not worry about making losses, which will be handled by the fund.

→ Suitable and affordable for novice traders as first trading account

A lot of novice traders tend to struggle early in their careers, and because they are worried about incurring losses, they don’t take risks. If you don’t take risks in your trading career, you will struggle to make profits. That is where trading with a propriety fund is great for novice traders because it is affordable and suitable at the same time.

→ Very low risk for the trader’s side

You don’t need to worry about risks if you lose money, because that will be incurred by the proprietary firm. That gives traders great incentives to take risks and try new strategies.

→ Exponential growth potential, un-compared by organic growth

At the end of the day, all traders are looking to launch their careers and experience growth. Trading with a remote proprietary trading fund allows them to achieve exponential growth quickly, which is something that you will not find when trading with brokers or with a self-funded account.

Image Credit: Christin Hume on Unsplash


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