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6 Tips to help you pass The5ers evaluation

six tips

The5ers is always on the lookout for the best and brightest traders to come join our framework. Our new generation proprietary trading fund recruits talented traders from all around the world to come and trade with our money, on our platform. Our evaluation goal is super easy to reach – just 6% net profit and every trader evaluation is conducted on a live trading account with any profits made there given to the trader. Once a trader completes and passes the evaluation, they’re then a part of The5ers platform.

Two of the great things about trading on our platform are that we give our traders 50% of the profits, and we offer an un-compatible growth scheme – for every 10% that you as the the trader profits, we double your account. If this all sounds too good to pass up and you think you’ve got what it takes to ace our evaluation test, please take a few moments and review some tips we’ve compiled to help you on your way.


The first tip, perhaps the most important, is to follow all the risk rules that we require. If you’re a competent and successful trader, it is likely you’re applying these rules to yourself anyway. Our risk rules are basic and as follows:

Don’t fall below 4% relative drawdown.
Don’t risk over 1.5% on each trade.
Don’t use leverage over 1 to 5 for all running trades

Other than these three risk rules, The5ers platform is extremely open and welcoming to all trading styles. In fact, we openly encourage all of our traders to bring their own styles to the platform.


The second tip to consider when you head into your evaluation is to allow for a margin of error. Trading is a mission that deals in uncertainty. Do your best to enter your position with lower risk and lower exposure. Don’t forget that the goal is very low – just a 6% net gain. Don’t move too quick with the full leverage allowed. Take a deep breath, relax, and hit your goals in a calm, professional way.


The third tip is something you should begin to think about well before you take the evaluation and that is knowing your trading stats and putting together a plan to adapt to The5ers program goal. It’s important to measure your statistics before joining the platform. Take a look at how well you’ve done without the framework of The5ers. Let’s say for example, when reviewing your trading history, you see that for the 6 months prior to your evaluation with us, you had 20% drawdowns. As you know from researching our platform, The5ers require a 4% drawdown. This means that in order to pass your evaluation and trade with us, you need to cut your position down to meet this 4% requirement.

At first glance, this 4% requirement might strike many traders as an unnecessarily restrictive constraint that will inevitably lead to lower profits. It’s important to remember that with The5ers, when you hit 6% you get a fourfold increase on your account size. This means that although 4% might seem low, the payoff and reward is exponential to traders who maintain low risk. This is the behavior we encourage, cultivate, and reward.


The next tip for successfully passing our evaluation test is to slow down. There is absolutely no rush to enter the market. Quality is always preferred over quantity, so it’s key that you spend time on being accurate on your entry. It’s better to miss a trade than to rush in to it and take a late entry.


The fifth tip for successfully passing your evaluation, is to not over trade. It is hard to stress this one enough, but believe it when we say that we are not impressed with speed (we devoted two separate tips to this point!). What impresses us and makes us proud of you for being a part of the platform is simple. We want you to be a solid trader, a wise investor who makes sound decisions based on careful and meticulous research. We’re giving you six months to accomplish the goal of passing the evaluation. Over trading wont enable you to join sooner.


Last, but not least, the sixth tip is to trade authentically. It might seem like an obvious piece of advice but we really ask that you come to our platform with your unique style and way of trading. There is no set The5ers way, so you couldn’t change to fit us if you tried. Our model is flexible and this versatility is what makes us so special. If you’re a long term trader, keep trading overnight or over the weekend. Go ahead and keep doing what you know best. The only restraint we put on our traders is to maintain stop loss and exposure. Outside of those two parameters, we want you to come to us the way you are, with the styles and techniques that have made you successful. If you can do this, there’s a 100% reward for every 10% gain waiting for you.

If you’ve had success in trading on your own and you follow these six tips and trust your ability and skills, then there’s a good chance you may one day be trading on The5ers platform. Outside of the minor fee associated with the evaluation exam, you will never incur other costs from us and you will be trading with our capital. Once you become a portfolio manager, you’re entitled to your own fully funded trading account, a 50% profit share paid out each month, risk-free trading (never pay for blowing the account – that’s our risk), and a 2x for 10% trading career growth scheme.

Take these tips, prepare yourself for the evaluation, and good luck! We hope to have you trading with us one day soon!

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