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Unlimited time on all programs

Denislav - funded forex trader
Austin - prop firm trader
Kacy - forex funded trader
Hugo - funded trader
Shavel - prop firm funded trader

Choose your funding journey

Hyper Growth

1-step program

Get paid from the first target

Double your account every milestone

High stakes

2-step Program

High-Risk High-Reward

Scale your account every milestone


Low cost Program

Pay upon success

Scale your account every milestone

Which program is right for me?

We’ve got a program for every trading level and style. In this video, we’ll help you understand better which program will suit you best.

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Getting funded by the5%ers

Opportunities and benefits that cannot be matched elsewhere

Get paid for profits with a click of a button.

Double the funded trading account size every milestone.

Profit payout is not deducted from balance to achieve milestones.

Overnight & over the weekend holding allowed for forex and metals.

News trading allowed. Algo trading allowed

Exclusive forex currencies fund

Low commission

Tight variable spreads

Metatrader 5

High-quality market execution

External performance statistics

Get access to a community of successful traders to share ideas and feedback.

No restriction on trading style.

Our funded trader program is designed to fit any trading strategy.

Swingers, scalpers, you are all welcome.

Double your account on every milestone up to 4 million dollars while getting paid on every profitable month.

Get funded to trade forex with easy to meet milestone targets over a reasonable period of time.

Clear and simplified trading objectives.


No subscription fee

No fine print, no hidden costs and terms

No recurring costs

Get unlimited access to daily trading rooms, education, webinars, professional traders, to boost your trading.

We want traders to succeed.

We are backing you up with any support you need via telephone, live chat, email or form submitting.

The Best Spreads In The Industry

See for yourself!

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the the5ers trading experience

Daily live trading room

We meet together with our traders 4 times a week!
In the trading rooms, we all interact, scan and analyze the markets,, ask questions to each other, share market visions, and trading opportunities.

Trading performance statistics

Your personal dashboard will show you all your progress in friendly numbers and insights so you can closely follow your performance.

Free webinars

We host webinars and lectures in different platforms and events. We share all we know so you can take advantage of it. Supply and Demand, Scalping, Swing Trading, Risk Management, and more.

Real-time trading notifications

Get notified via email about important events in the markets and important information specifically for your account.

Risk Management and Trading Plan education

Get access to our Prop Trading Course so you take your trading to the next level. Trading Planning, Advanced Risk Management Technique and Trading Psychology.

Free 1-on-1 performance coaching

The5ers traders have access to a Portfolio Analyst. In these meetings we help our traders with their trading performance, statistics, overviewing their trading plan, tuning their system to the5ers parameters, and more.

Extensive reading resources

Profound and professional articles to expand your trading literacy are available on our forex blog.

Dedicated support from traders to traders

We are backing you up with any support you need via telephone, live chat, email, or form submitting.

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