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We Fund the Top Traders

The 5%ers (The-Five-Percenters) is a Funded Trading Company and Growth Program. We provide unique career enhancers for worldwide Forex traders, including a hyper growth plan to boost capital levels and earn profits. Our fund was established by professional forex traders, who’s visions were to create an open career-building platform for forex traders.

Meet the Team


Gil Ben Hur

Founder and CEO

A Passionate Independent Forex Day-trader since 2007, Trainer and former co-owner of educational trading community. Gil had designed The5ers’ program based on years of co-working alongside with high ranked forex traders.

Yaniv Elbaz

Chief Operations Officer

An avid technical analyst, and a passionate forex, stocks and futures trader since 2008. Before joining The5ers as COO, Yaniv was VP Content & Global Operations at Investing.com. 


Saul Lokier

Chief Product Officer

Talented forex trader with years of experience. He lectures in many recognized forums such as Investing.com and fxstreet.com. He manages funds for International Proprietary Forex Funds, as well as personal accounts. This guy eats pips for breakfast!

Alexander Kriss

Trader Success

A former crypto derivities trader, Alex is now a part of our trader success team.
Ruben Abitbol

Ruben Abitbol

Head of Trading Desk & Risk Management

Prior Options trader in the commodity markets for a speculative fund, Ruben has built experience in the trading industry. Also, prop trader in the FX and Stocks markets, he faces the market on a daily basis.
Tomer Dubrov

Tomer Dubrov

Head of Content Marketing

A social network strategic expert with years of hands-on and management experience. Tomer directs The5ers content strategy, for spreading more knowledge and creating high quality communication with The5ers growing community.

Oz Abadi

UX/UI Design

Responsible for delivery of high-quality user interface materials and providing an exceptional and intuitive materials design.


Ophira Top

SEO Team Leader & Web Growth

SEO Expert and a creative Websites Constructor. Ophira helps search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to realize what forex traders already know: how great The5ers is.

Valery Kuznetsov

Dev Team Leader

Talented Programmer, in charge of all technology operations, in the 5%ers with broad knowledge and skills in a wide range of interfaces.
Talw copy

Tal Weiss

Full Stack Developer

Tal is a passionate and dedicated full-stack developer responsible for helping build, maintain and integrate both front and back end infrastructure at the5ers leveraging his knowledge of common software design principles and latest technologies.
TalK bw

Tal Kenigsbuch

Full Stack Developer

As an efficient programmer, Tal is responsible for cloud integrations at the5ers. He is a passionate problem-solver, who is eager to learn new skills and raise the bar.

Sharleen bw

Sharleen Brest

Traders Success Agent

Sharleen’s passion is our traders, their happiness, and satisfaction. If something is worrying our traders and if it’s legal and it’s humanely possible to fix it,  Sharleen is our “go-to girl”  She will move mountains to try to make you happy.
Forex proprietary trading fund not a forex broker


The 5%ers' Funding Program is not a Broker. We do not provide retail trading account, we provide capital funds to individual forex traders. Trading on our platform is a privilege given to those who can master the skill of trading. Trading with our fund offers outstanding advantages, such as a fully funded account, no risks nor extra charges, and an incompatible growth scheme.

we look for forex trader to fund


The 5%ers Funding Program is not searching for investors. We do not accept any investors money. Our fund obtains sufficient funds that are of investment capital. We only invest from our self-sourced and available capital, ensuring that we can secure our traders with stable capital resources for their activity and growth.

FOREX currency trading


We are passionate about bringing this platform to our traders. We are proud to have used our vision and dedicated time to process our idea into a concrete concept. Join our platform to build a community of independent forex traders, who are motivated and willing to push to the front line.

The 5%ers Story

The 5%ers’ Funding Traders & Growth Program was founded in 2016 by Gil Ben Hur.

Gil, who traded forex and stock market had the skills to succeed in trading, but insufficient capital to gain profits from their potential.

For a while, Gil traded from their homes using limited capital resources. They expanded their capital through family members joining in and sometimes would manage other traders’ capital for a fraction of the positive outcome.

Upon seeing its popularity and demand, Gil helped establish a premium academy, where teams of selected traders were trained. Their mission was to form a community consisting of trading-partnership frameworks.
These frameworks were the fundamental structures for the traders’ community fund and developed for traders worldwide, from all backgrounds, skills, experience and trading methodology. While this was going on Gil had already hatched an idea and began “running” with it.
Which is where The 5%ers journey began…

In 2016, The 5%ers’ Funding Traders & Growth Program was launched and made available to the public, aiming to provide full-time traders with readily available and accessible capital.

The 5%ers IS Our passion, love, and dedication to this profession. And our mission remains to provide traders across the globe with a secure, fair, and honest trading framework, one that enables growth and prosperity with the highest standard of ethics.
On our Facebook page we share trading insights, analysis and educational articles while offering you a window to our ever growing community of funded traders.

Our program offers instant funding where you start with a real money account that we fund – from day one.
Level one is all about watching you succeed with your own trading strategy while keeping in tune with our risk management requirements.

Once completed, you will proceed to level two – at which point you will also be given more money to trade with, continue to trade well and you will find that our growth milestones are easily achievable and not far apart, with each of them providing you with more capital and a greater earning potential.

Trading is a demanding profession, one that takes time to succeed in, Luckily for our traders – The5ers is designed to support them through every step of their trading career journey.

We look forward to having you trade with us.

Have a high 5 day!

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