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Our FAQs page offers a series of frequently asked questions with their answers, insights and resources to help you. Our aim for writing these questions and answers is to cover all angles about who we are, what we do, and how it all works? Need more info? We're happy to help! Fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch.

Trading Environment

The 5%ers uses the Metatrader 4 platform, designed by Metaquotes. MT4 is the platform of choice for most Forex brokers and traders worldwide. It was a natural decision to provide the MT4 platform, as our goal is to ensure a smooth learning and trading experience for our traders by offering them the most familiar trading environment.

Absolutely. We trust in your judgement and skills. We are not here to change your strategies or approaches to trading even when becoming one of our Account Managers. Trade here with the comfort of your own tools and techniques by using the MT4 platform, from trading scripts to indicators and EA with zero limitations. Your success is our success and we support you all the way.

Yes. The Metrader4 app is free and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Versions are also available for HD apps for tables.

Our capital fund employs the services of a variety of brokers at the same time, but we respect their discretion and keep the names of each broker undisclosed and confidential at all times. It’s important for traders to understand that, with us, they are service contractors and not actual clients of a broker. The 5%ers are the brokers’ client. We’re seamlessly connected to a range of brokers via cutting edge technology partners.

The 5%ers will attend to all of your needs with the utmost care. We believe that every trader is entitled to support and assistance, be it related to tech inquiries, concerns or trading related queries. Please contact our support line via Skype:, or email: [email protected] 

All of The 5%ers trading activity is executed through our brokers via STP Market Execution. We forward an ECN-Broker-Fees-Structure to our platform, with institutional raw spread rates at zero markups, plus commission as a broker fee.

During periods of standard market volatility, major currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY are sold from 0.4 pip to 0.9 pip and the commission rate is set at $9 per 1 Standard Lot. Overnight swap fees are collected and/or paid nightly.

Every trading account provided and its capital value are legally owned by The 5%ers’ trading fund. We allocate our own capital to traders on a contractor-based service agreement.

Trading Guidelines

Our trading guidelines are proportionally similar to any program size, evaluation or a portfolio manager account. The fund’s main concern is risk-management measured by a drawdown < 4%, the presence of a hard stoploss for every single position at < 1.5% value of the account balance and maximum open positions exposure < 5:1.

Drawdown is measured with the following calculation: The P&L money difference from the highest balance (closed positions P&L), value to the lowest equity (closed + open positions), whichever comes later.
E.g.: Highest balance on 1st May 12:45pm = $10,250, Lowest Equity after 1st May 12:45pm = $9,800. The drawdown is $10,250 – $9,800 = $450.

Maximum exposure rule-of-thumb for all accounts is 5:1. However, we prefer to simplify things, so we look at only the lot size and not the actual $ value of a position.
Ex: An account balance of $10,000 has a max exposure allowance of $10,000 X 5 = $50,000 = 0.50 Lot. In a balance of $40,000, the max exposure is $40,000 X 5 = $200,000 = 2.0 Lots.

As we encourage holding on to running winners – any profitable floating position with a stoploss order beyond the profit level, (above break-even), is not included in the exposure count, and more positions can be traded at once.

The short: YES, and over the weekend as well. 

The long: The 5%ers is the most flexible trading fund in the Forex industry and this especially helps traders with diverse trading styles and personalities. Our motto is don’t tamper with a successful recipe for success. With relation to the fund, you bring the grading formula, and we won’t touch it because we invest our capital applying it.  


At The 5%ers we believe what you’ve earned is yours and due to reward you, with our trading funding abiding by the highest code of ethics for trader payment in the finance sector and online organizations worldwide. We ensure every trader is paid monthly, regardless of the sum you’re due to receive. Let’s keep it real: most of us don’t love dealing with finances and accounting, and we’re no exception. We like to keep our noses and desks clear of messes at the of each pay period and happily payout our Portfolio Managers in a timely and organized fashion, every month. 

Evaluation Programs

The 5%ers evaluation period is specifically designed to observe how traders handle a range of market conditions while demonstrating their performance and stability. Our team’s objective is to ensure that the trader abilities are reliable and mature to cope with a diverse range of the market’s intensity and challenges.

Firstly, well done! Take a bow. Continue to ride the wave of successful trading until you are able to qualify as one of The 5%ers Portfolio Managers. The benefit of this means that you gain more profits to bank when you’re evaluation period ends. Please note: All traders are required to continue using the same trading method, as our evaluation program is designed for you to show consistency and solid results.

Yes. There is a dedicated team working behind our website and brand. If for any reason you’re held back or are actively trading and just need more time. Please request a time extension on your evaluation period (case-sensitive). Else, evaluation-accounts will be terminated once 6 months has been reached.


The evaluation period is critical for both the traders and The 5%ers since our capital funding team invests in the traders’ trading career. The 5%ers commitment to the traders is to ensure that they will be evaluated with using real, live accounts unlike demo accounts. This fee will be your maximim loss during your evaluation period. The 5%ers are seeking traders who are responsible, patient and firm risk managers hence  increase profits.

  • A Fully Funded Trading Account (Not a Demo Account)
  • Profit Share Payout
  • Trading Losses Waiver
  • Trading & Technical Support
  • Quadruple your account size at target objectives met
  • Automatic entry 2X for 10% – We double your account every 10% you net

About The5%ers Fund is a website legally owned by Five Percent Online LTD, incorporated in the State of Israel. We welcome traders to visit us in the Holy-Land. 

The 5%ers is a private fund holding ownership of a Forex Trading account which is under a regulated broker. However, there is no regulation clause to what we do. This is because The 5%ers is not a financial institute. We do not provide any financial services. We trade using our funds capital, with the support of our competent portfolio mangers.


Are you a human from Planet Earth? Over 18 years old? If, yes, then what are you waiting for? Apply now. The 5%ers Trading Fund celebrates diversity and is open to all nationalities, with no ethnic or cultural barriers whatsoever.


Yes. The 5%ers is not a broker. Our relationship with our traders is legally constructed by a service provider contract between the trader (the provider of the services) and the fund (The contract issuer). Our business structure allows United States traders to provide their services to our trading fund.


No license is required to become a portfolio manager with The 5%ers. We do not handle any 3rd party funds – just our own. As a private fund, we have the freedom to hire any legal services provided for our fund.

Why is this question outwardly put out here? Because, every few days we receive an inquiry asking if we are a scam? Most companies will not willingly admit that they are a scam. The 5%ers will not be involved with any fraudulent activity whatsoever. In this industry, the odds are pretty much against us and we are aware that our business happens to be regarded as having one of the worst reputations in today’s market. Since we’re a fresh and growing company, there may not be much online content discussions about The 5%ers – for better or worse. We also don’t expect people to automatically trust us. So we encourage you to contact us (via email, Skype, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn) with any inquiries and concerns. Else, give us a little time and you will see our fame and fortune grow online as well as offline.


The5%ers provides the fastest capital growth program in the forex proprietary trading industry. We require the least restrictions, with more Forex Assets to trade, allowing 24/5 continues trading overnight and over weekend position holding, No daily loss limit. Our enrollment fee is fair and self explanatory.  Speed up your forex trading today – sign up for The5%ers Evaluation  Programs and get qualified for a fully funded account that doubles every milestone.

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