Frequently Asked Questions

Before we present our trading program, we would like to become better acquainted and build a relationship with you.

We care about you and your trading experience. We provide detailed insight about our trading platform so that your experience begins efficiently. Once you have chosen your preferred program, you will have access to an account with a live trading platform, so to earn profits and qualify to move on to the main stage. Our program is a clear step-by-step process including user-friendly guidelines.

The 5%ers’ Trading Guidelines

Low Risk Aggressive
Level 1 Objective 6% 12%
Level 1 Time Limit 6 Months 2 Months
Stopout Level 4% 4%
Leverage 1:6 1:30
Profit Share 50% 50%
Growth for Level 1 X4 X4
Growth from Level 2 X2 every 10% up to 1.28M X2 every 25% up to 1.28M

As for October 2020, drawdown is no longer being part of the The5ers program’s objectives – instead, we apply a stop out bar to our trading accounts.  However, it is important for every trader to be familiar with the definition of drawdown, as it reflects the potential risk of a trading strategy.

Drawdown is measured with the following calculation: The P&L money difference from the highest balance (closed positions P&L), value to the lowest equity (closed + open positions), whichever arrives later.
For example: highest balance on 1st May 12:45pm = $10,250; Lowest equity after 1st May 12:45pm = $9,800; The drawdown is $10,250 – $9,800 = $450.

Relative Drawdown VS Absolute Drawdown

YES, we allow overnight trading and over the weekend as well. However, it is the trader’s responsibility to mind the implications of rollover swap conditions, volatility, liquidity and spreads conditions.
We design our program to offer the most flexible trading fund in the forex industry, being open minded for diverse trading styles and personalities.

We abide by the highest code of ethics concerning traders’ payments. We ensure that every funded trader is paid monthly, regardless of the amount due to you. We are always enthusiastic about paying our traders timeously each month.

For the low risk programs the leverage is 1:6 and for the aggresive programs the leverage is 1:30. See the video below for further information:

The 5%ers’ LEVEL 1 Programs

Our level 1 is specifically designed to observe how traders handle a range of market conditions while demonstrating their performance and stability. Our team’s objective is to ensure that the traders’ abilities are reliable and mature to cope with a diverse range of the market’s intensity and challenges.

Firstly, well done! Continue to trade until you can qualify as one of The 5%ers’ funded traders. The benefit is that you gain more profit to bank when you reach the minimum days and trades. Please note: all traders are required to continue using the same trading method, as our program is designed for you to show consistency and solid results.

A trader who ends up the time period will get a new account to start over only if the Account value is above the initial balance,

The level 1 period is critical for both the traders and The 5%ers since our capital funding team invests much time and effort into the traders and their careers. We are committed to ensuring that traders will be evaluated by using real, live accounts. This fee will be your maximum payment. We are seeking traders who are responsible, patient, and firm risk managers, who have the ability to earn themselves substantial amounts of profit, which means that you could make up for that fee in your winnings.

  • A fully funded trading account (not a demo account)
  • Profit share payout
  • Trading losses waiver
  • Trading resources
  • Dedicated support
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Unlimited access to The5ers live trading room

You can register for up to 3 different programs, which allows traders to get more funds to trade, up to $3.84 million. You cannot merge the different accounts.

Our Trading Environment

We use the MetaTrader 4 Platform (MT4), designed by MetaQuotes. MT4 is the platform of choice for most forex brokers and traders worldwide. It was a natural decision to provide the MT4 platform because our goal is to ensure a smooth development and trading experience by offering traders the most familiar trading platform environment.

Absolutely. We trust our traders’ judgments and skills. We do not want to change your strategies or approaches to trading, even once becoming one of our partners – trade using your tools and techniques, from trading scripts to indicators and EA with no limits. Your success is our success, and we support you all the way.

Yes. The MetaTrader 4 app is free and can be downloaded on the Google Play and Apple stores. Versions are available for HD apps on tablets.

Our capital fund employs the services of a variety of brokers at the same time, We respect their discretion and their names are undisclosed and confidential at all times. All traders on this platform are not clients of a broker. All traders are service contractors. The 5%ers are the brokers’ client. We are connected to a range of brokers via cutting edge technology partners. The 5ers trades directly through commercial liquidity providers. We do not trade with common retail brokers brands. We operate differently and our trading conditions have different requirements. Confidentiality is very important to us and we keep our supplier’s identity confidential, for obvious reasons.
When you trade with us, you are assigned a portion of our own capital and be able to trade on The 5ers Fund’s behalf (directly from our trading-pool-account). To meet most of our traders’ expectations, The 5ers provide the Metatrader 4 trading platform, which is supplied by a third party technology integrator and provides superb market execution through sophisticated proprietary technology. The 5%ers trading activities are all executed through our brokers, via the STP Market Execution. We have forwarded an ECN-Broker-Fees-Structure to our platform. The spread and commission are shown separate – the commission is $4.5 per lot, which is
0.45 pips. The spread for EUR/USD is about 0.2 to 0.6  pips.

We attend to all of your needs with our best customer service. We believe that every trader is entitled to full support and assistance, whether it is technology inquiries, small or important concerns or trading related queries. Please contact our support line:

Skype: Email: [email protected].

All of our trading activities are implemented through our brokers via STP Market Execution. We forward an ECN-Broker-Fees-Structure to our platform, with institutional raw spread rates at zero markups, plus commission as a broker fee.

During periods of standard market fluctuations, major currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY sell from 0.2 pips to 0.9 pips, and the commission rate set at $4.5 per Standard Lot, round trip. Overnight swap fees are collected and/or paid nightly.

Every trading account and its capital value are legally owned by The 5%ers’ Funded Trading Program. We allocate our own capital to traders on a contractor-based agreement.

About The 5%ers’ Fund is a website legally owned by FIVE PERCENT ONLINE LTD, incorporated in the State of Israel
Company Number 515864007 and FIVE PERCENT ONLINE LTD, incorporated in the UK Company number 12553363

We welcome traders to visit us in The Holy Land.

The 5%ers is a private fund holding ownership of a Forex Trading account under a regulated broker. However, there is no regulation clause to what we do, because we are not a financial institute and do not provide any financial services. We trade using our fund’s capital, with the support of our competent funded traders.

Over 18 years old? If you are, then what are you waiting for? Apply now. We celebrate diversity and are open to all nationalities, with no ethnic or cultural barriers whatsoever.

Yes. we are not brokers. Our relationships with our traders are legally bound by a service provider contract between the trader (the provider of the services) and the fund (The contract issuer). Our business structure allows United States traders to provide their services to our trading fund.

No license is required to become a funded trader. We do not handle any 3rd party funds. As a private fund, we have the freedom to hire any legal service providers for our fund.

While you are trading with a fully funded account of The5%ers’ Capital, we split to share the profit with you by 50% commission base.

With The5ers you earn and get paid for profits starting the very first stage on the program. Once you complete the evaluation with profits, we will pay you 50% of the profits achieved through the account by the next profit cycle. You can read more about the profit cycle on the5ers terms and conditions page.

Once you are a portfolio manager, we pay for your profits every month. There is no minimum threshold, we absolutely pay every month your 50% split by high watermark.

Payouts are issued by Paypal for amounts below $1,000 and by Bank Wire Transfer for any amount above $1,000. The5ers doesn’t apply any extra fees for processing payouts, your 50% share is what we send out, however bank fees may apply.

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The 5%ers provides the fastest capital growth program in the forex proprietary trading industry. We require the least restrictions, with more forex assets to trade, allowing 24/5 continuous trading overnight and over weekend position holding, No daily loss limits. Our enrollment fee is fair and self-explanatory. Speed up your forex trading today and sign up for The 5%ers’ Programs to receive a fully funded account that doubles at each milestone.