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Three Things That Will Help You Become a Profitable Trader

February 22, 2024 | 3:18 pm | Forex Blog
February 22, 2024 | 3:18 pm
Forex Blog
Three Things That Will Help You Become Profitable Trader

Become a Profitable Trader

In this webinar, Jonatan Randin delves into his 3 top tips for becoming a consistently profitable trader. Drawing from years of trading experience and expertise, Jonatan shares practical advice and strategies that have proven effective in the real world of trading.

This session is not about quick fixes but about solid, actionable steps you can take to enhance your trading journey.

The Shortest, Most Direct Path to Predictable Trading Profits

The 3 key matters on which to focus to achieve long-term consistency in trading are simplicity, testing and validation, and finally, risk management & consistency


  • Focus on the basics – No need to reinvent the wheel
  • TA is simple; trading is hard – Don’t complicate TA

Testing and Validation

  • Backtest everything, and often
  • Untested strategies = gambling
  • Regular validation of your system

Risk Management & Consistency

  • Focus on capital preservation. Follow the process
  • Risk small, always
  • Consistency is everything

Watch The Profitable Trader Webinar


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