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Forget Candlesticks – Discover Pro Ways to Trade With Chris Tubby

August 3, 2023 | 5:22 pm | Forex Blog
August 3, 2023 | 5:22 pm
Forex Blog
Forget Candlesticks - Discover Pro Ways to trade with Chris Tubby

Pro Traders Secret Charts

Unlock the trading charts that will give you a competitive edge.
The webinar will be presented by Chris Tubby, a veteran professional trader and director of Symax Fintech trading and education.


Watch Chris Tubby’s Interview

Alternatives to Candelsticks

Meet Chris Tubby, the seasoned trading wizard, who’s here to take us on a journey into the world of alternative charting methods.

Point and figure charts

First up, we have the “point and figure” charts. Forget about time and date markers – these focus solely on price action! Chris reveals that they’re more suitable for long-term investors rather than the adrenaline-pumped day traders.

Bar Charts

Clear and straightforward, the bar charts show us the open, close, high, and low prices during a given time frame. Chris admits he’s a fan of these charts and we can’t blame him!

Candlestick Charts

Next, Chriss confesses his occasional infatuation with the mystical candlestick charts, especially for drawing trend lines and support-resistance levels.

Chris Tubby on alternatives to candlestick charts

Gaps in the Market

As for the the gaps in the market – Small gaps might not make the cut for his risk-reward parameters. What he craves are those massive gaps that scream, “Trade me!”

Time Frames

Chris reveals how different time frames can twist and turn the charts, creating new trends at every corner.

Heikin Ashi Chart

This chart showcases the midpoint between the open and close of each candle. It’s like peering into the souls of the market, judging its sentiment and intent.

Market Profile charts

Letters represent 30-minute time frames, giving traders a glimpse of potential support and resistance levels. It’s like decoding the market’s secret language.

Pivot Points

On the video Chris spills the beans on how to identify resistance and support levels like a pro. He’s got a golden rule: don’t rely solely on indicators for trading decisions. Instead, use them as your trusty sidekicks for confirmation!


In a nutshell, Chris Tubby has unveiled the hidden gems of alternative charting methods, and we think it’s pure gold! So, forget those ordinary candlesticks and embrace a new world of charting wizardry!

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