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Supply&Demand GBP/AUD 24/12/2017

Those are the next fresh supply & demand levels for GBP/AUD, each one of them is fresh, and I’ll wait for the first time the price reach them, I’ll sell at the supply above, and buy at the demand below.

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Supply&Demand USDJPY 08/12/2017

The supply above is the last one that the price left there unfilled orders, it seems like a great level that can take the price down to the demand below, therefore I’ll sell at this level, and my target will be the demand below, if

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Key Levels DAX INDEX 04/12/2017

At the swing term, the DAX index seems to be bearish, high probability that the index is on his way to reach 12.600 zone, therefore I’ll look for good supply to sell as a continuation trade, I’ll sell at the supply above, if the price

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Supply&Demand EURCAD 4/12/2017

At the swing term, the EURCAD is bullish, the demand below us can be a great level for buy position as a continuation trade, I’ll wait at this level for P”A confirmation from the lower time frame, then if I’ll open a buy position, my

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Key Levels USOIL 30/11/2017

At the swing term, the USOIL seems to be bearish, High probability. The price tends to reach the demand at the bottom, the supply above. It’s a great level to jump on this train if the price will back to this level, I’ll sell at the

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Key Levels EURCAD 28/11/2017

If the price will breakout the confirmation zone (last low), it indicates that the price will tend to reach the source of the last uptrend, which is the demand at the bottom. Therefore I’ll look for signal to sell, the first target is the demand

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