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forex trading psychology - Why You Should Not Avoid Emotions in Trading

Why You Should Not Avoid Emotions in Trading

What We Think Doesn’t Help, Actually Does! There is a typical pattern where traders are more often avoiding their emotions in trading. But what we don’t realize is that emotions are not a bad thing. The negative thing is actually about traders avoiding them, which

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Scared Money Don’t Make Money

Scared Money Don’t Make Money

Controlling fear in forex trading The term “scared money don’t make money” is used in many ways by members of the hip-hop community and in the world of financial markets and investments. But what does that mean? People who are too afraid to take risks

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Forex Trading Insights November 2020

Forex Trading Insights for November 2020 by Saul Lokier

Portfolio Analyst Monthly Overview  Forex Trading Insights  – At The5ers, we get to speak to many of our traders about their strategies, systems, and emotions through our Portfolio Analyst Resource. We hear about the traders’ challenges and successes! From these talks, we get to learn

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Stop Loss-The Kind of Insurance Money Can’t Buy

Stop Loss – The Kind of Insurance Money Can’t Buy

Why stop losses are your best bet against runaway losses We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a successful trading career is built around effectively managing risk. Traders who don’t take the proper precautions and who don’t plan for negative outcomes will quickly

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