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This advanced trading course will help our traders to build solid trading bases, to build a solid trading plan, to help them adapt their systems to the5ers parameters, to show different risk techniques, and to help develop the right mindset and psychology when trading.


This course is not intended to teach a specific strategy or method, but to take what you already know and make it even better. We won't cover basic contents, like using the trading platform or calculating lot size. During this course, you will not be passive. The success of the course will highly depend on your commitment to do the exercises presented here. Those who will commit, are the ones that will reach the highest levels. Here are some of the topics to be covered in the course:
    • What it means trading for a fund
    • Building your Strategy
    • Tuning your strategy to the5ers parameters
    • Advanced risk and money management techniques
    • Trade evaluation
    • Averaging a loss
    • Hedge
    • Applied psychology
    • Recovering from a losing strike
Here is a taste of what you will get inside:

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  Module 4. How to Build a Trading Plan.   To get full access to this and other resources, just join us!

Topics for this course

Module 1. Knowing In-depth The5ers Risks Parameters
Let’s start with the basics: These are the rules and numbers you need to know, understand, and review constantly in order to invest according to the fund’s guidelines.

  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • The5ers Risk Parameters
  • Leverage
  • Understanding Leverage

Module 2. Building your Strategy
In this module, we present all the components of a successful strategy. Does your strategy contain all of them?

  • Strategy components
  • Example

Module 3. Tuning your Strategy to The5ers Parameters
Now you have a written strategy! Let’s implement The5ers risk parameters on it.

  • How to adapt your strategy
  • RRR example

Module 4. Building your Trading Plan
In this module, we are going to integrate your strategy into a complete trading plan.

  • Trading Plan components

Module 5. Advanced Risk and Money Management Techniques
In this module, we learn advanced rules, tricks, and techniques to minimize risk and maximize profits. Let’s go!

  • Intro to Risk and Money Management
  • MM before entering a trade
  • MM for losing positions
  • MM for winning positions
  • MM live examples
  • MM tactics
  • Adapting MM to you

Module 6. Applied Psychology
Emotions are an integral part of your trading routine. They will lead us to make certain decisions, so let’s make sure we’ll make the right ones.

  • Introduction
  • Allocation Diagram
  • Lot Size & Expectations
  • Recovering from a losses
  • worksheet
  • Summary

Bonus Gift
We want to send you a printed trading plan

  • Trading Plan Gift

About the instructors

Saul is a professional Forex Trader for over 10 years. Characterized by a simple approach to trading, he lectures in many recognized forums such as and He manages funds for International Proprietary Forex Funds, as well as personal accounts. Saul is the former Head Trader at FXsmartrader Academy. Today he is the Senior Analyst and a Portfolio Manager at The5ers Fund.
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