Course Content
Module 1. Knowing In-depth The5ers Risks Parameters
Let’s start with the basics: These are the rules and numbers you need to know, understand, and review constantly in order to invest according to the fund’s guidelines.
Module 2. Building your Strategy
In this module, we present all the components of a successful strategy. Does your strategy contain all of them?
Module 3. Tuning your Strategy to The5ers Parameters
Now you have a written strategy! Let’s implement The5ers risk parameters on it.
Module 4. Building your Trading Plan
In this module, we are going to integrate your strategy into a complete trading plan.
Module 5. Advanced Risk and Money Management Techniques
In this module, we learn advanced rules, tricks, and techniques to minimize risk and maximize profits. Let’s go!
Module 6. Applied Psychology
Emotions are an integral part of your trading routine. They will lead us to make certain decisions, so let’s make sure we’ll make the right ones.
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