We have coded top proprietary indicators to help you out with your risk management in trading. We will continuously add more indicators for your convenience. Simply download the files, save them in MT5’s data folder, and load them from the trading platform.*

* The use of these tools is under your responsibility. They are intended to help with your trading, but tests must be done on your side before using. We hold no responsibility for any losses that may occur as a result of bugs or wrong usage of these files. 

Max Lot Indicator MT5

Max Lot Calculation

This indicator shows the maximum position size you can place at any given moment on the current pair according to the leverage and account equity. 

Place the file in the data folder under \MQL5\Indicators

Risk Exposure Indicator MT5

Risk Exposure

This indicator shows the risk exposure per pair and in total, by calculating the risk value of all the open positions that have stop loss orders, so you can clearly see the value being risked in $ and %.

Place the file in the data folder under \MQL5\Indicators

Drag and Trade

This on-terminal EA is an easy way to place market or pending orders with predefined risk. The EA calculates the lot size based on the risk and the entry & exit prices.

Place the file in the data folder under \MQL5\Experts


MT5 Platform

Download your MT5 from here.

mt5 for windows

mt5 for mac

mt5 for linux

mt5 for web platform

Max Lot Calculation

Risk Exposure

Drag and Trade

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