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Changing The Industry Standards with The Freestyle Forex Funding Program

March 27, 2022 | 4:16 pm | Advanced Forex Blog
March 27, 2022 | 4:16 pm
Advanced Forex Blog
Changing The Industry Standards with The Freestyle Forex Funding Program


The5ers has been the leading funding company in the industry since 2016. Innovation is one of the core pillars of the firm, being reflected in the different funding models offered today: Instant funding, $100K Bootcamp, and the most recent, the freestyle forex funding program.


What is the freestyle forex funding program?

The Freestyle program is a revolutionary funding model, where traders are measured by unique factors that reflect their performance and behavior over a series of positions in the market, without the pressure to achieve a certain profit target in a certain amount of time.

The program is aimed to offer traders the real freedom to trade their strategies without having to change anything in them or to pursue an unrealistic target that does not really reflect the traders’ skills.


How is the freestyle forex funding program different from anything out there?

The program allows traders to trade any strategy in their own style without having to adapt to a certain frame of rules. Traders are completely free to show their strategies performance and get funded if they meet the performance and winning factors.

There is no time limit to complete the evaluation. There is no predefined maximum drawdown that prevents traders from passing successfully the evaluation.

Another unique highlight is the fact that traders will keep 100% of the profit they generate on their accounts, and the possibility to scale their accounts up to $4 million.


What drove us to create a program like this?

When measuring traders, setting a profit target to be achieved is simply not enough. And limiting them in time to achieve it is simply not fair.

We want to give traders the opportunity to get funded showing performance and consistency, and not by having to change their trading in order to achieve an arbitrary and unrealistic profit.

Over the last years, the industry of trading funding has grown in the direction of promoting irresponsible trading. We aim to remark on the importance of risk management and proper trading.


What are the results of the freestyle forex funding program so far?

Crazy. We have received hundreds of positive messages and very good feedback. Comments like: “whoever thought of the freestyle will absolutely change the course of prop firms.” “Every trader need to join this program”, “This program is fantastic and life-changing for sure”, Are very usual.

As with any new change, there are some challenges to overcome. We need to spread out the word, explain in-depth the program’s parameters, and remind people of the importance of responsible trading and risk management in order to achieve long-term success.



The freestyle program is here to stay and change the industry. Traders deserve better opportunities to show what they are capable of without rules stressing them out.

With no maximum drawdown and no time limit, surely it will become a default option for more and more traders.

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