The5ers' Freestyle Program - Terms & Conditions


The 5%ers operate an Online Funding and Growth Trading Program, operated by FIVE PERCENT ONLINE LTD, incorporated in the United Kingdom as a registered UK Company number 12553363, and owned by Five Percent Online LTD (Israel) Company Number 515864007 / LEI: 894500CK24MUEFQG0E92.

Five Percent Online Ltd is operated and governed by the law of the United Kingdom. The official address is: Enstar House, 168, Praed Street, London, United Kingdom, W2 1RH.

The 5%ers is a brand name, operated by Five Percent Online LTD, and is a privately owned Legal Corporation, performing a Nostro-investment operation. It does not operate as a Financial Institution of any type, nor is it a Broker, nor a Broker Marketing platform, and does not accept Investor’s capital.

Program Mission and Definition

Under a 3rd party contract, The 5%ers recruits genuine and speculative traders to work for the company, and to manage the compan’y funds on the company’s platform and using the company’s assets and funds.

The 5%ers provides fully-funded forex trading accounts with monthly profit payout plans and lucrative growth scenarios to traders who qualify for the program’s trading requirements.

The 5%ers is not a broker, not associated with any particular broker, and does not serve financial trading services of any type. 

The 5%ers does not invest clients capital in the financial markets. All funding of clients’ accounts is sourced by the owner’s own capital. 


The5ers is aware of the regulatory requirements in the US, and it operates by a restrictive legal advisory to fully fulfill the US law and regulatory requirements. The full document will be provided to any official enforcement organization of the US authorities by official and authorized requests to [email protected].

Participants in
this Agreement

The Fund – is the alias name for The 5%ers.

The Program – refers to the various program options, with their full requirements, goals, objectives, restrictions, and variables.

Trader – is to describe the Trader in the stage of evaluation, and at this time has not yet fulfilled all the requirements.

Funded Pro Trader – is used to describe a trader who has successfully completed the Challenge targets under the trading requirements.

Program Description

Signing up for the Program begins with a 1-step evaluation phase on a demo trading account. The Fund sets objectives and restrictions, which the Trader agrees to trade by. The Fund has sole authority to enforce these trading objectives and restrictions, and possesses all rights over the trading accounts, the capital, and the trading guidelines.

Trading objectives – prior to providing access to its trading capital, the Fund and the Trader agree on all of the trading guidelines, objectives, terms, and rules. The Fund defines and enforces the objectives and restrictions with their agreed-upon values.

Sign up Fee – Participating in the Fund’s Freestyle Program has a fee cost, which should be paid prior to starting the evaluation phase. The fee amount is specified on the Program’s description page.

  • The signup fee is not a trading capital deposit.
  • The signup fee is not to cover trading costs or trading losses.
  • The signup fee is non-refundable, in partial or in full, once the trading activity has commenced by the Trader.

The Trader is allowed to perform using any trading strategy, as long as it complies with the Risk Management Guidelines required by the Fund.

Upgrading or downgrading a plan: once the Program has commenced, the Trader cannot upgrade or downgrade the current plan.

Program Conditions and Requirements

Knowledge and Skill

The Trader must acknowledge having sufficient trading knowledge, experience, and skills to perform under the Program requirements. The Trader must fully understand the full scope of the Program, the implications of the Program requirements, restrictions, guidelines, and find the Program sufficient to one’s needs.  


The Program is conducted on a forex trading platform only. The Trader must fully understand the unique characteristics of the forex market. Specifically, with regards to trading, the Trader must fully familiarize oneself with the following terms and implications of the following terms: Market Hours, Economic Releases, Flexible Spreads, Commission, Execution Slippage, Variable spread condition, Overnight Rollover Swaps, Overnight rollover volatility, Pip, Point Value, Lot, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Market Order, Stop Order, Limit Order, Ask, Bid, Drawdown.

Trading Platform

The Fund provides trading on the trading platform, with full authority to perform trading during market hours. At this time, the Fund provides for the use of Windows Operating system, Mac iOS by a non-official & non-supported technical workaround, mobile access for Android and iOS, MQL scripting using Desktop Platform Version Only.

The Fund may change its suppliers and systems to any other solution and technology, at any time.

Trading Capital

The Program, from the very beginning period and throughout the progression, is conducted with capital that is owned and supplied by the Fund. 

Protecting Trading Capital

No matter at which level the Trader is in the Program, it is required to act responsibly and use all methods to protect the Fund’s capital from severe losses. This also includes operating responsibly under risk management measures, protecting and securing the trading access credentials for trading accounts, not providing access to any 3rd party or person for the accounts, immediately reporting to the Fund’s Support Team about loss or theft of trading access, responding to email communications from the Fund, and taking the required measures if asked by the Fund.

Activity Restrictions 

The Program is designed to cater all speculative trading strategies. Any trading style which is not speculation-trading behavior is prohibited.

It is prohibited to perform under the Fund’s platform any trading method which uses exploitation of price discrepancies within different markets of similar or identical assets, also known as Arbitrage trading.

It is prohibited to perform High-frequency trading strategies in which the majority of the trades duration span is measured by few seconds or less.

It is prohibited to involve any other technology which interferes with the platform’s networking.

It is prohibited to change trading styles and methods, or use inconsistent trading strategies,  between program levels. 

It is prohibited to exploit the rules of our trading programs in a way that benefits only the Trader and not the Fund.


Terms of The Program

By joining the Program, the Trader will receive a demo account, in which the Trader is expected to demonstrate a profitable trading performance over 100 trades. 

Funded Trader

The Freestyle Trading Program is intended for a trader that has successfully passed the evaluation phase, thus becoming a Funded Trader. A Funded Trader is certified to trade on behalf of and with the trading capital of The 5%ers’ Fund under a non-employee 3rd party contractor relationship. 

Ideal Risk Management Discipline

The5ers encourages its traders to perform their trading with a suggested risk management discipline.  

Risk management is mandatory. Deciding to self-enforce the Program’s suggested risk management will benefit the Trader with better funding conditions on future stages of the Program, as described in this document, in chapter IDEAL RISK MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS.


Payouts will be paid only to Funded Program Managers (PMs), and only out of the profitable performance of the Trader.

Program Termination

If the Trader has hit Stop-out Level at any stage of the Program, or has not complied with its rules, the Trader’s account will be terminated, and this will the end of the  Trader’s participation in the Program.


The Program is available to individuals only. They must be from the age of 18 years and older, and can be of all nationalities.

Individually Private Only
The Program is designed for individual traders only. An individual trader who signs up is the only person that is allowed to trade on behalf of the Fund, in both the evaluation Program and as a PM Partner in the official trading Program.

Proof of Authenticity
An authentic identity must be provided. The Program only accepts traders who present proof of authentic identity.

Restricting Organizations
The Program is not available to any entity, firm, corporation, organization, or group of individuals of any type.

Trading Instruments

Trading activity is limited to forex major currencies and their combinations: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD, NZD, CAD. The following is a list of securities permitted to trade:

Forex Majors

Forex Major Crosses



The Trader must avoid trading any other securities unless permitted by the Fund’s Official Representative. Trading securities which are not permitted may result in the termination of the Program.


Ideal Risk Management Requirements apply at all steps of the Program – both the Evaluation phase and the  Portfolio Manager phase. 

The Program suggests a risk management discipline, which traders need to follow in order to comply with this Program’s guidelines. 
Upon meeting profit targets, the Program promises to accommodate a guaranteed account growth for all traders that follow risk management rules. 

Ideal Risk Management Discipline
The following are the characteristics of the Risk Management required and its definitions, which the Trader should fully comprehend and self-enforce for optimizing a growth milestone target.

Stop Loss
The5ers suggests an ideal risk management recipiency, that requires submitting a proper stop-loss order for every position, market order, pending stop order, and pending limit order. 

It is suggested, although not required for every position, market order, pending stop order, or pending limit order to contain a stop loss at a price level, which represents a maximum money risk of 1%, and preferably less.

Formula: Stop Loss value = 100 x 100,000 x Position_Lot_Size x ABS (Position_Open_price – Position_Stoploss_price) / Account_Balance.
Example: Current Account balance is 10,500, a sell 0.20L GBP/USD position opened at price 1.3560. Stop-loss is set to 1.3610.
Conclusion: Stop loss value = 100 x 100,000 x 0.20 x ABS (1.3560 – 1.3610) / 10,500 = 2,000,000 x 0.0050 / 10,500 = 0.95%.
Multiple positions of the same asset, are considered as the same trade and will be added together. The summaries of all open positions on the same symbol cannot exceed 1% of the account value.
Example: On a $10,000 account – Float Position A: sell 0.1 GBP/JPY = risk of $50, or Float Positions B: buy 0.3 GBP/JPY = risk of $100, or Float Position C: buy 0.05 GBP/JPY = risk of $35.
Risk for GBP/JPY = A+B+C = $50 +(add) $100 +(add) $35 = $185. Therefore, GBP/JPY risks 1.85% of $10,000.

The Fund applies leverage settings to the Trader’s accounts, as described on the Program’s description page. The Trader is allowed to use the full margin available by the Program’s leverage. By any circumstance, if wrong leverage was given, the Trader is forbidden to exceed the official leverage published for the Program.

Program And Targets

The following are the definitions of the Program and targets:

Profit Target
Each step in the Program has a specified target milestone in terms of Performance Paftor and Winning Factor. The specifics can be found on the Program’s description page and in the emails the Trader receives before each step. 

Account Stop out Value
Definition: Is the account value by equity, which determines the maximum loss allowed in the account.

Once the Account Stop out value is breached below, termination for the account will be announced, all unrealized positions, and orders will be closed by the authorized personnel.

Time Limit
There is no time limit for completing the evaluation phase.

Minimum Activity
To remain active, the Trader must show to have been active with at least 3 trades in 28 calendarial days. Failing to meet this criterion, the account will be paused or terminated.

Minimum Active Trading Days and Minimum Positions Requirements

There are no minimum trades or trading days requirements for completing any of the Program’s steps. 

Flat Portfolio on Targets
The Trader must close all trades and pending orders once reaching the milestone target or the drawdown. The Fund will not pay profits higher than the milestone.

Simultaneous Holding of Multiple Accounts
Holding multiple accounts concurrently is limited to three accounts – as long as the trader uses a different trading method in each account. A Trader cannot hold and manage m0re than three trading accounts at any given time. The Fund reserves the right to terminate the Trader’s accounts should one hold more than three active accounts at any given point. 

Program Restrictions

As the Program scope is directed at skilled traders, the Program strongly forbids participation for any reason other than for applying to be the Fund’s Contractor Trader. Therefore, the Program forbids the following and will consider this as misuse and violation of the Program, which will result in the immediate termination of the Program.

Forbidding of trading coordination with other accounts or other traders active in the Fund: It is strictly forbidden to coordinate any type of trading behavior among two or more accounts in the name of another trader – This includes the prohibition of copying trades and orders; duplicating trading activity and orders; hedging among accounts. Any evident coordination of the above is considered a major violation of this Program and will result in immediate termination by the violation of this contract.

Trading Conditions Acknowledgment

By signing up to the Program of The 5%ers, I hereby confirm and fully understand that my trading performance may also be affected by various conditions, such as:

Variable Spread
Spreads vary according to the market liquidity, at rigid times such as during high impact economic events, the spread difference of ask and bid prices can expand multiple times.

Stop / Limit Pending Orders
Ordering at a specifically requested price is not guaranteed for limit or stop orders during abnormal and volatile periods – the price will be filled at the next best price according to the exchange order book.

Trading Gaps
At times of extreme liquidity in the market, the differences from one tick quote for the next may significantly increase. This is also known as ‘A Gap’. Any orders that are placed at prices with no tick quote will be filled at the next available quote. This may result in execution at a less preferred price.

Overnight Rollover Spread Conditions
An overnight rollover is an event that occurs at the end of each day, at midnight (the time of the Program’s setting). At this hour, the banks shift huge amounts of orders from one day to the next day. This may result in the spreads significantly increasing. This usually takes a few seconds up to two minutes past midnight. The spreads’ increment may result in the execution of a nearby stop or limit orders. It is advised, to move nearby orders as further away as possible to prevent unwanted executions due to technicalities.

Trading Commission
The commission is a trading cost applied by the liquidity provider. This is the industry’s standard method for Brokers and Liquidity Providers to charge for the service of executing orders.

Economic Event Releases
At times of releasing any Economic Data, the price tends to form gaps, and spreads may increase in multiples, and execution is not guaranteed by price. It is advised to pay attention to the event release schedule, to reduce position exposure and shift further limit and stop orders.

Forex Market Trading Hours
Market hours are based on GMT 0 Time zone. During normal days the forex market open hours are from 00:00 Monday to 23:59 Friday. Trading and market is paused every night at 21:58 until 22:04 due to swap rollover. During these 6 minutes, the server will not perform any market, stop and limit orders. Charts and feed will be frozen as well. This serves as a slippage prevention measures, made to avoid market execution of trades at unwanted pricing due to possible wide spreads. 


Email communication serves as the main and official communication between the Trader and The 5%ers. The Fund will use this modality regularly and in real-time, as a means to send all communication, guidance, and feedback to its team of traders.

It is mandatory for the Trader to provide a valid and working email address, in which the Trader checks regularly. While the Trader obtains live running trades, it is required to check emails at least once in 60 minutes, to allow for real-time communications and feedback from the Fund.

Failing to respond to the Fund’s email communications, may lead to a freezing of the account or Program termination.

The Fund provides other means of communication that can serve as backup communication, such as Skype, on-site live chat, on-site contact forms, and international telephone calls.

It is expected that the Trader notify The 5%ers of any changes in one’s email or communication details and anything, else that may affect one’s trading performance.

Profit Payout

The Fund pays its traders an agreed portion from the net profits to all PM level traders, once each milestone is achieved or as funds become available as presented in the Trader’s dashboard. No payout will be made for demo accounts in the Challenge level. 

Upon success in each funded step, the payout for profits will be paid on the following payout cycle, combined with the PM account’s profits or losses of the same payout cycle.

The Fund pays for net profits to PM Partners, every month and on a monthly payout cycle.

Being paid for profits will not be deducted from profit progression towards the next milestone.

Calculating & Recording of Profits for a PM Partner.
The payout procedure is managed as follows:

If the Trader withdraws profits via the dashboard, the profit will be deducted from the account balance, and will be split between the Trader and the Fund as set in the payout ratio. Otherwise, when the Trader advances to the next level, the Fund will withdraw any excessive profits from the account and use them as the payout.

The profit amount is derived by the minimum value of the realized or unrealized profits in the account.

Payout Schedule
Once a profit is determined, and withdrawn from the account, the Fund will credit-in the payout amount due to the Trader.

The payout amount is calculated by the split percentage agreed by the Trader and the Fund prior to signing up (100% for the trader). 

The Trader is required to produce a payment invoice request for the exact amount specified by the credit-in transaction on every payout request. Upon receiving an accurate invoice, the Fund will issue a payout.

Payout Terms Definition:

EOD – 23:59:59 is The 5ers’ platform server time.
High Watermark profit is the last value of the account by which the Fund had paid for the Trader.

Termination of The Program

Program Termination may take effect at any stage in the Program, from the evaluation period to any stage as PM Partner. Terminating the Program may occur for all of the below reasons:

  • Reaching or passing the maximum drawdown allowance.
  • Leaving the account inactive for over 28 days. 
  • Misusing or abusing the Program – as described under “Activity Restrictions” above. 
  • Skipping between various trading systems or methods within the same trading account (which indicates inconsistency). 
The Fund reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time and without prior notice. All active PM accounts will remain active. Demo accounts may be terminated at the Fund’s own discretion. 

Returning After a Termination
Traders are allowed to sign up for another plan regardless of past terminations. Nevertheless, the Fund is allowed to refuse to re-sign up at its own discretion.

PM Returning After Termination
PM traders are allowed to re-join the Program from any previous stage in which they participated, by paying a participation fee equivalent to the maximum drawdown allowance of the selected stage plus a processing fee. This privilege expires after 1 month (30 days) from the termination date.

Termination Clearance
At the occurrence of a termination, the following measures will take effect:

  • A notice of termination will be sent by an official email to the Trader.
  • Disabling trading permission in trading accounts.
  • Denying access to the trading account and platforms provided by the Fund.
  • A full detailed trading report will be sent to the Trader by email.
  • Valid total net profits made in the account will be calculated and paid in the specified portion at the following payout cycle schedule and regulation.

Complaint and disputes

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the service provided by The5ers, please contact our help desk as soon as possible at 1 (929) 955 5595 or via email at [email protected], or by submitting a contact form under the contact us page:, or by contacting our live support chat when available.

In case of filing a complaint, please include as much detailed information to describe your case. To allow us easily investigate your complaint, associate your full name, email, account id, time of the event, and further details information related, You may also provide screenshots images of software, log files, and any other evidence that can be helpful for the claim.
If a 3rd party service is involved, before you take formal steps, please contact us by email. telephone or chat, when available. Often it is possible to find a solution without instigating the formal procedures.

Errors and Omissions

Subject to the terms of this agreement, neither party hereto, shall be prejudiced in any way by inadvertent errors or omissions made by such party, providing such errors and omissions are corrected promptly following discovery thereof. Upon the discovery of an inadvertent error or omission by either party hereto, appropriate adjustments shall be made as soon as possibly practicable to restore both parties to the fullest extent possible and to the position they would have been in, had no such inadvertent error or omission occurred.

The 5%ers reserves the rights for future changes of these Terms and Conditions, upon notifications via an official email address given from the Trader. The Trader will be committed to the changes, or will officially be asked to resign from the Program.

T&C Version 2021/10/10

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