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Understanding DD and The Profit Factor in The Freestyle Program

April 11, 2022 | 4:56 pm | Advanced Forex Blog
April 11, 2022 | 4:56 pm
Advanced Forex Blog
Understanding DD and The Profit Factor in The Freestyle Program

Freestyle Program

This video discussed the DD calculation and its implications regarding the performance factor.

We’ll go through real account dashboards of traders who have already passed the Freestyle Program in less than 10% profit.

The DD in the freestyle program is calculated by dividing the net profit by maximum floating equity.

Once knowing your max DD, it is easier to have a mental target for the account in order to achieve a performance factor larger than 2.



What is The Freestyle Forex Funding Program?

The Freestyle program is a revolutionary funding model where traders are measured by unique factors that reflect their performance and behavior over a series of positions in the market, without the pressure to achieve a certain profit target in a certain amount of time.

The program is aimed to offer traders the real freedom to trade their strategies without having to change anything in them or to pursue an unrealistic target that does not really reflect the traders’ skills.


What Do You Get Once Funded?

  • Get funded with a live account of $50,000
  • No profit split; 100% is yours.
  • Growth up to 4M.
  • Leverage of 1:30
  • 10% absolute drawdown
  • No daily drawdown


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