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Forget everything you know about funding programs.
The5ers introduces a revolutionary funding model, where you show your trading skills over a series of trades, instead of over a time or balance target.

Get evaluated by

who you really are

How does it work?

Get funded after 100 positions if you can generate more profit than the amount you risk on the total portfolio (ending with a Performance Factor larger than 2) regardless of the profit made.

  • Cost: €285/€550
  • No maximum drawdown
  • No balance target
  • No time limit
  • MT5 Netting
  • Checkpoint: 100 positions.
  • Performance Factor:
    > 0 & < 2 → Reset (on your first account you can reset even on drawdown)
    ≥ 2 → Funded.
    ≥ 3 → Funded + 120% payment refund.
  • Consistency Rule: Positions larger than x2.5 average lot size will be deducted from the performance factor.
  • Winning Factor: At least 30 positions must be winning ones.
  • Initial account balance: $25/$50K
  • Absolute Stopout level: 10%
  • 100% profit is yours
  • Withdrawal after the first 50 positions
  • Option for growth after 100 positions
  • Performance Factor:
    ≥ 2 = Growth.
  • Termination on funded accounts only when max drawdown is reached or 3 months of inactivity.


A funding program unlike any other

No more pressure by a time limit or ridiculous profit target to be achieved. Simply trade your strategy over 100 positions, end them in profit and receive funding or restart according to your performance and consistency level.

What do we want to see? The amount of risk you take in order to make a certain profit, and the gains you make from consistent trading instead of lucky trades. We want you as you are.


This program is completely new. We might make some changes to it after getting some data and feedback from our traders in order to improve it.

This program isn’t to make a profit, it’s to show us you can make more than you risk.
Your trading will be examined over 100 positions, as you progress we will take your overall net profit and divide that by your max relative drawdown (AKA Performance Factor). We will also consider your Winning Factor (having at least 30 winning positions).

You need to do is focus on risk management and consistency to end the 100 positions with a Performance Factor larger than 2.

The Performance Factor will be measured by calculating the following ratio: Net Profit % / Maximum Relative Drawdown %. Watch the video for a detailed explanation.

Consistency is shown when your trading follows a specific trading pattern, I.e, we’ll take your average position size x 2.5 and that will be classed as your trading range. If we see a deviation to your trading range, that’ll be flagged as a lucky trade and won’t be counted towards your 100 position target.

The Winning Factor calculates your win rate. We want to see at least 30 winning positions that profit more than 33% of your average win.

The Netting system allows only one position open in any direction for one instrument. The orders open in one direction summing up, and the trader cannot open selling and buying positions on one instrument simultaneously – the positions mutually close.

Watch the video for more information.

Unfortunately, if your account finishes in drawdown after 100 positions, the account will be terminated.

There are no profit targets, nor drawdown.  If after 100 positions your Performance Factor is above 2 (regardless of the balance), and your Winning Factor is above 30, you will get funded.

Every trade you make on your funded account will be executed on the market, and copied onto another account managed by our risk management team.

No, there is no time limit, only 100 trades. Once you complete your 100 trades we’ll have enough data to see if you are a suitable trader for our fund.

Yes. you are applicable for scaling every 100 positions as you keep a performance ratio larger than 2.
Funded Level Account Balance Maximum Loss (10%)
PM1 $50K $5,000
PM2 $75K $7,500
PM3 $100k $10,000
PM4 $125k $12,000
PM5 $150k $15,000
PM6 $175K $17,500
PM7 $200K $20,000
PM8 $250K $25,000
PM9 $300K $30,000
PM10 $400K $40,000
PM11 $500K $50,000
PM12 $750K $75,000
PM13 $1M $100,000
PM14 $1.5M $150,000
PM15 $2M $200,000
PM16 $2.5M $250,000
PM17 $3M $300,000
PM18 $3.5M $350,000
PM19 $4M $400,000

1 active account simultaneously

Yes, you can trade the news. Freestyle will give you the flexibility to trade freely without obstructing your strategy

No, not necessarily. You’re not required to have a stop loss on your positions, but we encourage you to always use one as best practice.

The leverage on Freestyle account is limited to 1:30

You’ll be able to trade all majors and minor FX pairs, Gold and Silver.

Is the freestyle plan right for me?
We have tested many different types of strategies and this program is fitting for swingers and scalpers alike, all you need to do is trade 100 trades and show us you can make more than you risk.

Knowing your strategy’s drawdown in advance will help you establish a mental target to aim for.

Watch the video for some examples.

Yes, once completing the evaluation factors with a PF larger than 3 you will get a funded account + a 120% refund of your payment.

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