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Selecting Your the Correct Capital Level

The 5%ers believe that each trader has unique skills and talents which come from diverse backgrounds. We offer a variety of account options to choose from. Beginning from as low as the micro evaluation stage to $52k entry level accounts. The options are vast to ensure your opportunity for a smooth start.

Select a Risk Scheme that Supports Your Needs

We support diversity and each trader's experience is respected by The 5%ers. Whilst we evaluate our trading candidates carefully, we strive to offering an accessible range of risk strategies to each trader. Risk is determined by calculating the amount of drawdown allowance you are able to cope with.

The Rewards: Begin With a Live Trading Account

Our trader's needs are our immediate priority. We believe that time is money. All of The 5%ers' Evaluation Programs are conducted on live trading accounts. During the evaluation program, candidate traders earn real profits.

Before providing The 5%ers Portfolio Manager Contract and presenting you with an offer, it's crucial for The 5%ers to build a relationship and become acquainted. We care about our clients and are enthusiastic to learn more about your trading experience. We also provide insight on our trading platform for your experience to begin as efficiently as possible. Once you've selected an evaluation plan - you will begin to trade on a live account, become qualified and earn profit. Our evaluation accounts ensure that you are taken through the process step by step, with clear guidelines.


The goal of our evaluation period is to identify if you are able to generate profit while trading within the parameters of risk policy. We believe in honesty and transparency. The rules of The 5%er's evaluation account are straightforward - hit a profit target, stay above the maximum drawdown allowance and do not exceed the maximum allowance. Show that you are skilled and controlled by maintaining a reasonable stop loss. if you are able to meet the criteria then begin your trading career with us.


The 5%ers offer two trading plan options: Tight risk or extended risk. The tight risk plan empowers traders with low risk tolerance and offers quicker and easier objective targets to achieve. Alternatively the extended risk programs provides a wider margin of negative floating profit loss, which suits trading strategies that relay more on statistics-base-entries. All of The 5%ers' programs are flexible with most trading tactics, offer a range of order size options, allows you to partially close and open positions and calculates your stop loss/take profit values.


In our capitalist society, there are no free handouts nor free meals. However, buying into a lifetime opportunity does not mean you will over extend yourself. Profitable opportunities do not always have to be costly. The 5%ers' Trading Fund charges a once-off fee for you to register and become one of our official candidates. We believe our offering and service provides superior value in place of the once-off fee.


Once you've complete the target goals of our evaluation process, you will receive your first profit payout and offered The 5%er's Trading Contract. This provides you with increased capital funding and similar risk policies. The defining difference between your evaluation account vs an official trading account is the modest once-off fee for your evaluation account.


The 5%ers provides the fastest capital growth program in the Forex proprietary trading industry. We require the least restrictions – with more Forex Assets to trade, allowing 24/5 continuous trading overnight and weekend position holding. No daily loss limits. Our enrollment fee is fair and self explanatory.  Speed up your Forex trading today – sign up for The 5%ers’ Evaluation  Program and become qualified for a fully funded account that doubles every milestone.

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