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  • Long-term trader
  • Slightly negative win rate
  • Very high RR
  • Eligible for funding
  • Short-term trader
  • High win rate
  • Negative RR
  • Eligible for funding
  • Intermediate-term trader
  • Breakeven win rate
  • Positive RR
  • Eligible for funding
  • Intermediate-term trader
  • Positive win rate
  • Breakeven RR
  • Eligible for funding
  • Short term automated trader
  • High win rate
  • Breakeven RR
  • Eligible for funding
  • Long term trader
  • Breakeven win rate
  • Large RR
  • Eligible for funding

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No time limit

Jennifer is a swing trader. She takes around 4 trades a week. Like most swing traders, she keeps a large RRR and a 50% win rate. On programs with time limits, she does not have enough signals to trade and achieve the target, so she tends to overtrade or take poor setups.

Not at Freestyle. She has no time limits, so she can keep trading at her normal pace until completing her positions.

No profit target

John is a scalper. He likes to be in and out of the markets quickly. 

Like most scalpers, he builds up his account steadily. After 1 month, he is up 2% on his account. In this situation, he would be out of almost all alternative programs in the industry for not getting to a profit target.

Not at Freestyle. With no profit target to achieve, 2% is enough to get funded. 

No daily loss

Mike is an aggressive trader. He is comfortable risking 4% of his account on each trade.

Sometimes he incurs large drawdowns, so daily loss rules interfere with his style.

Not at Freestyle. There are no daily or maximum loss limits so he can just keep trading his normal strategy.

No max DD + free reset

Johan is an intraday trader. She holds positions during the day and tends to close them before night. This time, her strategy is lacking, she is in a large drawdown and needs a fresh start. In any other program, there is no such opportunity, and because of the DD, she would be nearly terminated.

Not at Freestyle. With no maximum DD limit and a free reset at any point, Johan can have a fresh start whenever she likes.

No risk violations

Ben trades using EA´s. Some trades are held open over the weekend, during high-impact news, or without placing a Stoploss. In many programs, he receives violations for doing so.

Not at freestyle. With zero restrictions on any trading style or EA, Ben can now relax knowing his automated system is working for him and growing his account to $4M.

100% profits

Cassy is a very conservative trader. She does not like taking big risks since she is investing in her retirement. She takes very filtered and high-quality long-term setups. When the cash-out time comes, she receives around 70% of the profits she generated.

Not at Freestyle. With no profit split, Cassy can withdraw 100% of the profits she earns, while growing her account to $4M. She can´t find something similar anywhere else.

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