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A Guide to Forex Nostro Accounts (2021)

December 19, 2020 | 10:38 am | Advanced Forex Blog
December 19, 2020 | 10:38 am
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A Guide to Nostro Forex Accounts

Experience the Benefits of a Nostro account

Taking its name from Latin, the term nostro simply means “ours”. In the banking world, this “ours” refers to a bank account established through your own local bank with a foreign bank in the currency of that foreign bank. On the other side of nostro accounts are vostro accounts. Also deriving its name from Latin, vostro means “ours” and is when a foreign bank holds an account in the local home currency. 


How to Open an Account

In most cases, Nostro accounts are opened by your local bank. Most banks have relationships with foreign banks and can set up accounts for their clients in the currency they wish to have an account with. In the case of trading with a platform such as the5ers, once you join you’ll essentially be trading a nostro account since the money belongs to the fund and you are not subjected to fluctuations in exchange rates. 


How does it Work?

As we mentioned earlier, a nostro account is when one bank in a localized area opens up an account in another country in that other country’s currency. 

For example, let’s say you are a US citizen with a United States domestic bank account but you want to open an account in Euros. When you ask your bank for this account, they will then find a bank in the European Union which they have a relationship with. Once this match is made, the European bank will take over and set up the foreign currency account for you. However, this account is different from the usual checking accounts in that transactions are only allowed to be wire transfers to guarantee identities and prevent fraud. 

While individuals may use this service, it is typically a tool used by businesses when they don’t have a physical presence in foreign countries in which they are doing business.


How Can You Trade a Nostro Forex Account from Home

As previously stated, when you trade forex with certain funds like the5ers, you’re basically trading a nostro account. This comes with the benefit of not having to open your own account with a foreign bank and not having to worry about liabilities like if you were trading your own money. 

A fully funded trading account means that you’re trading the funds money and the hassle of exchange rates and conversions is taken out of your worry. You’ll have access to whatever funds you need to be traded with whatever currencies you want to trade with. 

Another benefit for forex traders of trading with a nostro account is that it enables more security when hedging trades. While this might be reserved for the bigger players in the market, hedging with a nostro account protects against big swings in currency price changes.

The final benefit of a nostro account is more for the banks. These accounts reduce the number of big transfers banks have to process and allows them to keep their currency reserves more secure.


Nostro Forex Accounts Conclusion

With its benefits for both consumer and banking institutions, these accounts are handy tools for getting around the headache of fluctuating currency exchange rates. However, since it’s mainly a tool for big enterprises, if you want to experience the benefits of a nostro account, it is probably better to trade with a fund that acts as a nostro substitute. This way you can avoid the hassle of navigating a new bank account and don’t have to manage or monitor it. As always, research and dig dip before deciding on a fund to pursue. 

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