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Darunee Succeeded to Pass The5ers Programs From Level 1 to 3 in Only 40 Days

January 21, 2021 | 11:28 am | Successful Traders
January 21, 2021 | 11:28 am
Successful Traders
Darunee Succeeded to Pass The5ers Programs From Level 1 to 3 in only 40 Days

Darunee is on her way to gain 10% profit to Doubling the Account for the Third Time

Darunee W, 30 years old, Thailand.

Darunee successfully passed level 1 on a $6K real live account in less than a month and started trading a $24K forex funded account on our platform.

Darunee succeeded, and passed level 2 in two weeks, so she doubled her funded account to $48k.

Her next mission is to reach 10% again and double her funds to $96K.

We spoke with Darunee about her trading plan, insights, and lessons gained while trading in the Forex market and on our platform as a funded trader.

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Darunee W. Level 1 statistics – $6k

The5ers level 1 conducted on a real live account, Darunee completed the level 1 process in less than one month by reaching the 6% target (The5ers level 1 Qualifying Target is 6%/7% which can be achieved within 6 months).

Darunee W. Level 1 statistics – $6k program


Darunee W. Level 1 statistics – $6k image

Darunee W. Level 2 statistics – $24k

In this image, you can see the $24k account, and how easy and fast Darunee achieved the 10% target again.

It took her only two weeks to complete this level and move forward to a $48k funded account.

Darunee W. Level 2 statistics – $24k program


Darunee W. Level 2 statistics – $24k image


Darunee W. Level 3 statistics – $48k

As you can see Darunee started level 3 very well, we wish her success in reaching the next 10% target and double her funded account to $96k.

Darunee W. Level 3 statistics – $48k program


Darunee W. Level 3 statistics – $48k image



Darunee W Interview


  • How were you introduced to trading?
    I wanted to make money online. So, I basically just googled up what I could do and I found Forex trading which I am obsessed with until now.


  • After how much time did you become a consistent trader?
    It took me 5 years to come this far. Understanding the risk-reward ratio and focusing on percentage instead of money has help me a lot to become consistent.


  • Do you have a specific trading plan?
    My trading plan is never to forget about risk-management. Since trading is a game of probabilities, it is very important to cut your losses as little as possible and maximize your profits as much as you can. Risk management helps me to trade without emotion.


  • Please describe your trading routine?
    I always check up about 6-7 currency pairs to see if there is a good setup that I can take. And if I already have 2 pairs of active orders, I just wait and keep monitoring the market.


  • Do you have any risk management techniques? If so, please, elaborate?
    I risk 0.3% per trade but not more than 1.5% for all active trades.


  • What was your biggest challenge in trading, and how did you overcome it?
    Accepting losses is my biggest challenge. I still feel emotional every time my stop loss gets hit but the understanding of risk-reward ratio helped me to overcome it.


  • What was the key moment of your trading career?
    When I found out my own trading style and realized the market is always there for me.



  • What do you think are the most important characteristics for maintaining a stable trading career?
    The discipline to follow your trading plan.


  • Do you apply any mental/psychological routines while trading?
    I read books and sometimes I meditate.


  • What was your strategy for successfully passing The 5%ers’ Evaluation Program?
    In order to pass the evaluation program, I firstly needed to understand the rules. Then I followed my trading plan strictly. Supply and demand zones are part of my trading strategy, and I used top-down analysis before taking any trade on 1hour time frame.


  • Please share your recommendations for online resources that were/are significant in your trading development.
    Forex factory, youtube.


  • Would you like to share anything else with us?
    Thank you 5%ers! I hope we will have a profitable hassle-free partnership.


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