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99.8 Pips Profit in 1.5 Hours Using Price Action and Moving Average

March 22, 2020 | 10:29 am | Advanced Forex Blog
March 22, 2020 | 10:29 am
Advanced Forex Blog
Price Action and Moving Average

Great Trade of The Day Using Price Action and Moving Average

99.8 pips profit in only One and a Half Hours. That’s Great.

Ande.S  from the United States is currently trading in our 40K evaluation program.
Ande.S testify himself as a short term and swing forex trader.
He has 5 years of trading experience in the Forex market.

Here is a short description of his trading strategy and his trading method:
 I use price action combine with Moving Average to trade and I am a short-term and swing FX trader.

Open Position
On 20/03/2020 he opens a sell position on USD/CAD and he held this position for only 1 hour.
It also seems that he open sell position just after the price retest a new supply that created before.
The price created a new supply and he chooses to sell after a technical correction of the price, it seems clear on the M15 chart.
Holding this position during these corrections definitely required patience and tones of discipline.
The Max DD for this position was only 3.9 pips which indicates a very accurate entry-level for a short term position.

Price Action and Moving Average


Close Position
Ande.S close this position on 20/03/2020 with a 99.8 pips profit after one and a half hours.
Compare to the Max DD this position suffered from, it seems like a great Risk-Reward ratio for this position, the DD is only 3.9% of the profit.
Holding a position and wait for 99 pips definitely required patience and discipline from a short term forex trader, many traders would run away before.
Definitely wise decision to close a sell position after 99 pips profit in one and a half hours and when the price just reaches into the support zone.
Great position from a great swing and short term forex trader, very accurate enter and exit, it seems Ande.S on his way to pass the evaluation and become a funded trader.

Currency: USD/CAD

Position: Short

Profit: 99.8

DrawDown: 3.9 pips

From Peak Potential: 15.7 pips

Duration: 0D 1H 35M

Well done to Ande.S for his perseverance.
We encourage traders, and we look forward to bringing you some more trader insights and success stories.


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