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Funding Traders & Growth Program

Trade for a Living - Just like a Pro

Our Capital Funding team offers a unique program to dedicated and experienced forex traders. With our professional program and service, we give traders the opportunity to reach new heights. Our fund's capital is yours to use and to trade. From this, you will earn real profits to take home. Use our platform to gain skills, revenue, and increase profit by trading full-time or part-time.

Trade with Funding, Freedom & Flexibility

Our business model has been designed to offer traders the option to trade using any strategy. Trade from anywhere and at any time. We bring opportunities for all forex traders to collaborate with us - regardless of your location. If you have ambition and talent to trade, then we will give you the opportunity of a lifetime, and that is, to trade like a real pro.

Our Funds + Your Portfolio = Shared Wealth

Do you have talent, tactics,and tools to be a consistent and successful trader? If so, we want you! Trade securely on our platform by using our fund's capital. Our capital helps to maximize your potential for optimal financial growth, including significant portfolio development and also by ensuring that you receive your share of profits earned.


You bring the talent; We deliver the capital. Maximize your trading career now!

The 5%ers help you create a structured and achievable trading process.

Are you starting out or already have the experience? Either way, you are the trader that we are looking for! Ignite your professional trading career by partnering with us. Your winnings are easily attainable and only an arm’s length away from turning you into an expert trader. Here is the opportunity to execute large trading positions with extra capital flow and less financial stress. We give our traders the capacity to work with a range of position sizes, where profits are real money, virtually unlimited and provide a stable income monthly.


Our business model gives you the option to trade using any strategy, anywhere and at any time. Our Capital Funding team provides support and opportunities for ALL forex traders to collaborate with us. Ambition and talent are what you need to become a trader, and then we will give you a chance to trade like a real pro using substantial capital. Trading with our program means building up a professional portfolio to carry with you.


Location is not a factor to consider when signing up to trade. We give you the flexibility to choose your trading hours with no added pressure and still earn generous profits. You will trade autonomously within your chosen support structure. Our office is remote, yet we are always contactable to you,  and we are here to be your anchor within our partnership.


We applaud and support any trading strategy that is applied, as long as it proves to be profitable. Remain using your preferred trading style and strategy that already works for you. Maximize your potential by signing up to join in with worldwide traders. We celebrate diversity and encourage our traders to push themselves to master the art of trading forex.


Reach the $1 million mark in your account balance by taking advantage of using our capital funds to trade. Once becoming to be a Portfolio Manager Partner, your capital is fully funded, allowing you to focus entirely on growing your buying power, beating your profit limits and multiplying your earnings. 


If work ethic, time management and running your show like a pro are skills that you would like to develop, you’ve arrived the right place and have the perfect opportunity to practice these with The 5%ers. With our vast years of experience and knowledge of what it takes to top the charts of leading traders globally, we know that one of the most crucial factors to advancing your trading career at full volume is implementing professional work tactics, and following through on risk prevention and management policies. Our traders consistently indicate that structured work-flows optimize their results, increase their productivity and leverage their opportunities for successfully executing and closing their positions.

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