BY DR. GARY DAYTON - A Wall Street Traders Coach

Exclusively for Th5ers Traders

We are thrilled to announce this exciting partnership with Dr. Gary Dayton.

Successful trading requires a solid mental game. Experienced traders often say trading is 10% of what actually happens and 90% of our reaction to it.

How we perceive, interpret, and respond to an event greatly depends on how we understand and relate to our internal state.  When our internal state is agitated and aroused, traders feel hijacked by their emotions, resulting in poor performance. Trading psychology addresses all of this.

Many traders ignore the 90% until it becomes problematic. They search for “better” indicators or trade setups until they realize psychology is the culprit. Others try to suppress thoughts and emotions or control them. Unfortunately, we can’t really control our thoughts and emotions and, paradoxically, when we try to do so, we actually make things worse.

Fortunately,  modern psychology understands this. And there are new trading psychology approaches & techniques to help traders better handle their internal state. These approaches include developing specific, trading-relevant mental skills and honing them so they may be applied effectively in real-time. And there is no one better to teach this than DR. Gary in this series of webinars exclusively for The5ers traders.

Who is Dr. Gary Dayton? ​

Dr. Gary Dayton is an author, psychologist & trading performance coach, trader, and trading educator. 

Dr. Gary stands apart as a trading psychologist in his use of mindfulness and the cutting-edge psychology of acceptance and commitment in helping traders achieve optimum performance.

His focus is not only to help traders overcome the emotional challenges of trading, but to also help traders develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to build mastery in their trading performance.

Dr. Gary applies state-of-the-science knowledge in mindfulness- acceptance, cognitive-behavioral, and sport/human performance psychologies, along with research findings from behavioral finance, to help individuals systematically develop peak performance decision-making skills and abilities, to minimize emotional struggle, and maximize trading performance and results.

To learn more, refer to Trade Mindfully, Achieve Your Optimum Trading Performance with Mindfulness and Cutting-Edge Psychology book.


All 7 sessions will be conducted via Zoom on Thursdays, 9:00 am EST.

February 3“Thinking traps and mental blind spots” – part 1
February 24“Thinking traps and mental blind spots” – part 2
March 17“Unstuck yourself from strong emotions” – part 1
April 7“Unstuck yourself from strong emotions” – part 2
April 28“High-quality preparation”
May 26“Effective execution”
June 23“Constructive self-assessment”

These sessions are open exclusively for Th5ers ACTIVE traders with an account in progress. The recordings will not be publicly published.

Nothing! we are covering all the related costs so you can potentialize your trading performance.

Yes, and Th5ers traders will be able to re-watch them.

Cutting-edge knowledge and practical tools for improving and accelerating your trading performance.

You can follow Garys´work on https://tradingpsychologyedge.com/

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