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The 5%ers reward you for extending our reach to new top traders.


Join our referral program and we will reward you for each trader you bring.
Once you sign up we will send you a unique URL address. For each trader that will come via your specific URL and sign up to one of our programs you will be rewarded. This is obligation-free!


Your referrals are appreciated and priceless. Without your recommendations we may not reach the traders. In turn, we would like to reward you for each new sign up made through your referral URL link. You will be able to choose your preferred payment method.


The percentage is calculated according to the sign up fee paid by the referred trader. Reward amounts: 10% for the first referral. We pay the referring trader after the trading requirements are met and the sign up fee is paid and reflected. 

Fill the Form & Be Rewarded

Sign up for your URL referral link. Once your link is received, publish it on websites; social networks; forums and groups. All traders will be associated to you when using your link to sign up.

For preferred collaboration plans, please email to

Referral Program Terms

The Terms and Conditions for The 5%ers’ Referral Program:

  • No limit to the number of new traders introduced by a referring trader.
  • Every trader can sign up only once using only one referral link.
  • The reward is only paid once the trader has signed up and paid for the program in full, and also once the payment is cleared on The 5%ers’ side.
  • Reward amounts are commissioned based on the program selected by the new trader: 10% for all programs.
  • The reward is a financial payment sent to you by your preferred payment method.
  • If the reward exceeds $150, the referring trader is asked to present an invoice to The 5%ers using Deel.
  • Traders with a 5%ers active account can receive their reward as credit to their funding account up to $150.
  • Payout is available only upon request, once all terms were filled.

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