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The5ers reward you for extending our reach to new top traders.


Join our referral program and we will reward you for each trader you bring. Once you sign up to The5ers HUB, you will get a unique URL address. For each trader that will come via your specific URL and sign up to one of our programs, you will be rewarded. This is obligation-free!

All traders start as a referral with a 2% commission rate. Upgrade to affiliate to get a 10% commission rate. Once you get your link, publish it on websites; social networks; forums and groups. All traders will be associated to you when using your link to sign up.

For preferred collaboration plans, please email [email protected].

Referral Program Terms

The Terms and Conditions for The5ers’ Referral Program:

  • No limit to the number of new traders introduced by a referring trader.
  • Any trader can sign up only once using only one referral link.
  • The reward is only paid once the trader has signed up and paid for the program in full, and once the payment is cleared on The5ers side.
  • Reward amounts are commissioned based on the selected program by the new trader: 10% for all programs (you can split 5% each with your followers by request).
  • The reward is a payment sent to you by your preferred payout method available.
  • Once the reward exceeds $150 and 3 sign-ups, the affiliate can ask to withdraw his/her commission.
  • Payout is available only upon request, once all terms have been filled.
  • All affiliates must complete a KYC process.
  • Before running any paid ads campaign, you must request written permission from The5ers. Running a paid ad campaign without it will terminate the affiliate account immediately without payment.
  • You will be required to provide us with access to your Google account as a view-only.
  • It is prohibited to run Google ads using The5ers brand as keywords. If you run a Google ads campaign, you must include the following words as negative keyphrases: “the5ers”, “5ers,” “5 percenters”, “the5%ers” “5%ers”.
  • You must not defame another company, or use misleading links using other company’s names.
  • Accounts disrespecting the previous points will be suspended, and commissions will be canceled.
  • Websites / landing pages / social media pages / social media profiles / social media groups that are used to attract new traders must not present themselves as official The5ers entities. Make sure you present a clear and honest identity as a fan page / blogger / influencer / reviewer.

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