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Trade of The Day: A Support Resistance Swing Trader With Excellent Swing Trade

July 18, 2019 | 12:32 pm | Trading Room > Trade Of The Day
July 18, 2019 | 12:32 pm
Trading Room > Trade Of The Day

Inspiration to Gain from one of our swing traders who trading at the evaluation stage

Thursday  18/07/2019

James.S. from the USA is a support resistance swing trader who currently participating in one of our evaluation programs.

It seems this trader mostly relay on support resistance zones while he is getting his decisions.

It’s also clear that James.S. is a swing trader who definitely has the characters needed for a swing trader, discipline, patience, and dedication.

Open Position

On the 14/06/2019 James.S opened a swing sell position on GBP/NZD.

It seems he open this position exactly when the price gets back to a support resistance zone.

It was a support that broke out before and by the time he opens the position it became resistance zone.

He held this position for 23 days and closed it on the 16/07/2019.

Holding position for so long definitely required experience, patience, and discipline.

We can also see how accurate was this position, the price moves against him only 1 pips after he opens this sell position.

The Winning Position

On the 16/07/2019, two days ago, he finally closed this position with a profit of 817.5 pips.

In the D1 chart, we can see that he choose to close the position in another support resistance zone.

The exit was also very accurate at the time.


Name: James.S.

Currency: GBP/NZD

Position: Short

Profit: 817.5 pips

DrawDown: 1 pips

From Peak Potential: 14.9 pips

Duration: 23D 23H 4M

The 5%ers’ Score: 3801.05

Well done to James.S for his perseverance. We encourage traders, and we look forward to bringing you some more trader insights.







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