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BTC/USD - Long Term Price Action Analysis

BTC/USD – Long Term Price Action Analysis

It Seems BTC/USD Price on Its Way to 4200.00 Zones. Tuesday  08/10/2019 On the D1 time frame chart, BTC/USD price performed a Descending triangle pattern. The Descending triangle pattern represents a situation where the buyers cannot push the price to a new high. The price

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Which Direction the Price Will Break the Triangle Pattern, Down or UP?

USD/CAD – Symmetrical Triangle in Monthly Chart

Which Direction the Price Will Break the Triangle Pattern, Down or UP? Long Term Analysis for USD/CAD Sunday  06/10/2019 The symmetrical triangle pattern is a pattern where the price converges into a tight range. The  USD/CAD price creates a higher low and a lower highest.

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GBP/JPY Performed a Double Bottom

GBP/JPY: Double Bottom on The D1 Chart

GBP/JPY Performed a Double Bottom After MACD Divergence. Wednesday 25/09/2019 If we look at the GBP/JPY D1 chart, we can see that the price has performed a double bottom pattern below. A double bottom is a reversal pattern in the forex market. It usually shows

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Quasimodo Forex Pattern - USD/JPY is still considered in bullish momentum

USD/JPY: Bearish Quasimodo After MACD Divergence

Change the Momentum or Only a Technical correction? Thursday  19/09/2019 The USD/JPY is still considered in bullish momentum. We can see the significant MACD divergence which lasts all the recent uptrend. While during this uptrend the price creates a few higher highs the MACD indicator

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EUR/GBP: August Ended as a Bearish Pinbar Candlestick

A Confluence of MACD Divergence and Pinbar Candlestick. Monday  09/09/2019 Pinbar candlestick is one of the most reliable candles in the Forex charts. It is a reversal candlestick signal. The unique structure of this candle includes a long candlewick, at the opposite side a small

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fibonacci levels btcusd

Breakout Demand Creates Fresh Supply For BTC/USD

BTC/USD is Back Into the Bearish Zone After Breakout the Demand. Thursday  22/08/2019 A fresh supply which created on the 20/08 has succeeded to breakout the demand from 19/08. This situation turns back the BTC/USD price into the bearish momentum. In our previous post on

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Bitcoin Keeps Rising While Stock Markets Dive

Bitcoin Keeps Rising While Stock Markets Dive

What Makes This Bitcoin Demand Level a Critical One? Tuesday 06/08/2019 Bitcoin keeps rise up and creates fresh demand levels on its way up. The financial markets all over the world had a significant drop in the last few days. Some of the indices had

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New 3 Years High Record For Gold XAU/USD

Confluence of Fibonacci 38.2% and Demand Level on XAU/USD Thursday  20/06/2019 Three years ago, the XAU/USD (Gold) price was sitting at 1375.00 zones and dropped to 1120.00 zones before creates a new high record. During the last three years, the price retraced to the 1375.00

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Has The Loonie & Bullish Momentum Ended?

Engulfing  Candlestick Pattern With Price Action Analysis For USD/CAD, Monday 10/06/2019. Last week’s candle on USD/CAD has ended with an engulfing candlestick pattern. This weekly candlestick is red from the beginning to the end. After the price compressed vertically and took all the buyer’s orders

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