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A Guide to Nostro Forex Accounts

A Guide to Forex Nostro Accounts (2021)

Experience the Benefits of a Nostro account Taking its name from Latin, the term nostro simply means “ours”. In the banking world, this “ours” refers to a bank account established through your own local bank with a foreign bank in the currency of that foreign

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Forex prop trading - Career as a Forex Prop Trader

Trading Career as a Forex Prop Trader

Forex Prop Trading A lot of traders today are thinking about taking their trading career to the next level by becoming a forex prop trader. That is the goal for traders, who plan on building successful careers in trading forex. There are a lot of

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Guide To The Best Proprietary Trading Firms

Best Remote Prop Trading Firms that Suit your Goals and Needs In order to give yourself the best chance of succeeding, you need to make sure you pick the best remote forex proprietary trading firm that will work well with your personality and trading style.

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Build Your Career Path As a Proprietary Trader

Build Your Career Path As a Proprietary Trader

Why Trading for a Proprietary Trading Fund is the Natural Progression for Your Career Somewhere in the mid-70s to early 80s, a new type of trading emerged. During this period, many individual traders couldn’t get enough funding or liquidity in order to trade high volumes

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Trade Of The Day By The5ers Fund 18/09/2018

Trade Of The Day By The5ers Proprietary Trading Fund. M.B from Italy succeed to catch a great day trade position on GBPUSD,  he earned almost the all Uptrend from yesterday, 70 pips. The DrawDown was very low and also the exit was very accurate. Great

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Trade Of The Day EURJPY 03/09/2018

Trade of the day by The5%ers Fx Proprietary Trading Fund, D.M from Congo with a great swing position on EURJPY. earned 192 pips in 3 days, in the higher time frame, we can see his great and accurate entrance on supply level, very low drawdown, catch

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