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The Wyckoff Theory| Wyckoff method

The Method of Wyckoff Theory

Understanding one of the most trusted and reliable theories in trading In the pantheon of legendary technical analysts, perhaps none sits higher than Richard Wyckoff. Observing the market in the early 20th century, Wyckoff pioneered a method of technical analysis that is still widely used

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Stop Loss-The Kind of Insurance Money Can’t Buy

Stop Loss – The Kind of Insurance Money Can’t Buy

Why stop losses are your best bet against runaway losses We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a successful trading career is built around effectively managing risk. Traders who don’t take the proper precautions and who don’t plan for negative outcomes will quickly

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The Best Trading Platform for Small Account

The Best Trading Platform for Small Accounts

The best trading platform for small accounts – the bulk of the more than US$5 trillion that are traded daily on the forex market is done by gigantic institutions. These behemoth banks and hedge funds trade incredibly high volumes and have access to the most

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Forex Trading Mistakes

Top 7 Trading Mistakes Forex Traders Make

The rewards in Forex trading are high, but so are the risks. You need to be mindful of the pitfalls when trading in the Forex market. Successful currency trading requires that you not just make the right moves, but also avoid wrong ones. Many newbie

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Money Management Strategies When Trading

7 Money Management Strategies When Trading

Money management is a defensive approach to trading. The aim of a money management trading strategy is to ‘live to fight another day’. The strategy involves protecting your capital and making sure that you have enough money left to continue trading. Managing money is all

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