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USD/CAD: Good Chance to Break Resistance

Tuesday 09/07/2019 A Reversal Opportunity may be Indicated Here The USD/CAD has just arrived into a resistance zone and it is the third time that the price retests in this zone. It began as a fresh supply, following the price retests it turned into a

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USD/CHF Controlled by Sellers and Below Annual Open

Monday 01/07/2019 A confluence of Fresh Supply and Fibonacci 61.8% in USD/CHF. Two weeks ago, seen in the W1 chart, the USD/CHF  weekly candle had ended as a bearish engulfing pattern. The big red candlestick shows this bearish engulfment. This pattern was a continuation outside

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Three Reasons to Believe GBP/USD Remains Bearish

GBP/USD Price is Established Below The Annual Open Price Thursday 27/06/2019 A few weeks ago, the GBP/USD price fell below the annual opening price, which became a significant resistance zone. Since the after three unsuccessful attempts to break out this resistance. The price reattempted to

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Facebook’s LIBRA Fuels the Fire for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is Re-born and Continues to Race Towards New Highs with Facebook LIBRA’s Reveal Tuesday 25/06/2019 As predicted in our previous post about Bitcoin, the price remains bullish and the buyers are on the dominant side here because of the launching of Facebook’s LIBRA. LIBRA

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New 3 Years High Record For Gold XAU/USD

Confluence of Fibonacci 38.2% and Demand Level on XAU/USD Thursday  20/06/2019 Three years ago, the XAU/USD (Gold) price was sitting at 1375.00 zones and dropped to 1120.00 zones before creates a new high record. During the last three years, the price retraced to the 1375.00

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USOIL: The Correction Before Further Decrease.

Tuesday 11/06/2019 A Bullish Pin Bar Candlestick Pattern With Demand Level On USOIL The last USOIL weekly candle formed a bullish pin bar pattern following a closure. The Pin Bar candlestick pattern is one of the most reliable and powerful candlesticks patterns for technical Forex

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Has The Loonie & Bullish Momentum Ended?

Engulfing  Candlestick Pattern With Price Action Analysis For USD/CAD, Monday 10/06/2019. Last week’s candle on USD/CAD has ended with an engulfing candlestick pattern. This weekly candlestick is red from the beginning to the end. After the price compressed vertically and took all the buyer’s orders

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A Bullish Outside Bar Candlestick in 1W Chart On SPX500

Outside Bar Candlestick Pattern With Price Action Analysis For SPX500, Sunday 09/06/2019 As we can see on the 1W chart, the last week candle has ended as an outside bar candlestick pattern, that’s happened after the Federal Reserve announcement About the chances for Interest reduction

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