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Day Trade Opportunity GBP/USD 09/09/2018

As we can see the GBP/USD has created a new fresh demand on Friday. The price bounced very fast and strong from that demand, which indicates on unfilled orders waiting There for the price to come back and pick them, if the price will back

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Trade Of The Day EURJPY 03/09/2018

Trade of the day by The5%ers Fx Proprietary Trading Fund, D.M from Congo with a great swing position on EURJPY. earned 192 pips in 3 days, in the higher time frame, we can see his great and accurate entrance on supply level, very low drawdown, catch

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Long Terms Analysis SPX500 29/08/18

The SPX500 Index has just broken the last record in the last 2 days. In order to keep going with this bullish momentum, I’ll prefer to wait for the price To return to pick some unfiled orders, the demand below seems like a great Continuation

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Intraday Analysis GBPJPY 16/08/18

Those are the next key levels to look for an intraday position. For the intraday terms, it seems GBP/JPY is bullish, the demand below is a great continuation level of buy position, I’ll buy at this level and my target will be the supply above

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Swing Supply & Demand USDCAD 09/08/18

Those are the next critical Supply&Demand for USDCAD. It seems that both levels holding many unfilled orders, those orders are waiting for the price to come back, the demand below seems like a pattern called Quasimodo, if the price will back to that demand I’ll

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Swing Key Levels USOIL 30/07/18

The USOIL have just arrived in a fresh supply level, it is a great level to sell, for the long/swing terms it seems the price tends to reach the demand below, which is also my target, if the price will break this supply I’ll open

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Quasimodo Level GOLD 29/07/18

For the intraday terms the GOLD seems to be bullish, As it looks the price tends to reach the resistance above, If the price retrace the demand below before reaches the resistance, It will be a great opportunity for buy position with the resistance above. As

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