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Intraday Key Levels For SPX500 11/02/2019

As we can see, the SPX500 price is just between 2 critical levels, each one of them is a great level for an intraday position, the supply above is a great level For Sell position, I’ll sell there on the first touch of the price, the demand

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Short Term Key Levels For EURUSD 03/01/2019

Those are the next key levels for intraday forex traders, The EURUSD has just created a new fresh demand below, it seems there are more buy orders waiting at this demand for the price to come back, that’s what called unfiled orders, the Demand below

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Short Terms Key Levels For SPX500 30/12/2018

As I wrote in my last post on SPX500, the long-term momentum is bearish and the supply above is a great level of sell position for swingers or long-term forex traders, as we waiting For the price to reach the supply above, the price created a new

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