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USD/CAD: Good Chance to Break Resistance

Tuesday 09/07/2019 A Reversal Opportunity may be Indicated Here The USD/CAD has just arrived into a resistance zone and it is the third time that the price retests in this zone. It began as a fresh supply, following the price retests it turned into a

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Three Reasons to Believe GBP/USD Remains Bearish

GBP/USD Price is Established Below The Annual Open Price Thursday 27/06/2019 A few weeks ago, the GBP/USD price fell below the annual opening price, which became a significant resistance zone. Since the after three unsuccessful attempts to break out this resistance. The price reattempted to

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USOIL: The Correction Before Further Decrease.

Tuesday 11/06/2019 A Bullish Pin Bar Candlestick Pattern With Demand Level On USOIL The last USOIL weekly candle formed a bullish pin bar pattern following a closure. The Pin Bar candlestick pattern is one of the most reliable and powerful candlesticks patterns for technical Forex

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Waiting for Reversal Signal at AUD/JPY

MACD Divergence Indicates Reversal Opportunity Sunday 19/05/19 As we can see, the AUD/JPY is in bearish momentum, and the price has gone down almost 500 pips in that bearish momentum, it’s time to look for a reversal. Also, we can see a clear divergence between

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Two Fresh Demands for Buy Trade On XAU/USD

Wednesday 15/05/2019 For the long term, XAU/USD is in bearish momentum. However, below us, there are two great and fresh demand levels with great potential for buy position.  Each of them looks like a really strong level. If the price reaches the demand below, I’ll

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Which Zone The USDJPY Price Will Break First

Monday 13/05/2019 Waiting for Breakout of One of The Zones The USDJPY price is ranging between the support below and the resistance above. there is a 50 pips range between these zones, at the moment, it’s better to wait for the price to break out

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Swing Key Levels For The DAX Index

Sunday 12/05/2019 Combination Between Fresh Supply and MACD Divergence For the long term, the DAX index is in bearish momentum. On the weekly chart, we can see clear head & shoulders patterns at the top. For now, the price is just back to the neckline

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