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USD/JPY M15 Supply and Demand

Great Demand for Intraday trade

USD/JPY | Long | M15 Timeframe: M15 Analysis Method: Supply and Demand Analysis: As you can see on the M15 chart, below there is a great and new demand level for intraday position, I’ll buy this demand on the first touch of the price Trade

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USD/JPY M5 Supply / Demand


USD/JPY | Any | M5 Timeframe: M5 Analysis Method: Supply / Demand Analysis: USDJPY will make a decision to go higher or lower on the 5m timeframe soon. Traders should look for a break above or below the 5m supply or demand zone to enter.

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USD/JPY H4 price action

potential selling opportunity

USD/JPY | Any | H4 Timeframe: H4 Analysis Method: price action Analysis: the price has fund another rejection around 109.20. This is a potential selling opportunity supported by the dollar weakness. sell around 109.10 wit stop around 109.45 and target of 107.93

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USD/JPY | Short | H1 Timeframe: H1 Analysis: Looks to be forming a double top on 1hr as well as hitting the 200 MA on Daily opinions anyone?

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USD/JPY M15 Supply and Demand

Great Quasimodo Pattern

USD/JPY | Long | M15 Timeframe: M15 Analysis Method: Supply and Demand Analysis: A few hours ago the price on USDJPY created a new demand level below which developed a new Quasimodo pattern, i believe that the price tends to reach the supply above, I’ll

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USD/JPY H4 supply & demand, elliot wave


USD/JPY | Long | H4 Timeframe: H4 Analysis Method: supply & demand, elliot wave Analysis: price has room to go higher to fulfill the perfect 3rd wave in terms of elliot (1.618 extension). anyway, plan is to rejoin with buys after correction-1st possibility to come

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Quasimodo Forex Pattern - USD/JPY is still considered in bullish momentum

USD/JPY: Bearish Quasimodo After MACD Divergence

Change the Momentum or Only a Technical correction? Thursday  19/09/2019 The USD/JPY is still considered in bullish momentum. We can see the significant MACD divergence which lasts all the recent uptrend. While during this uptrend the price creates a few higher highs the MACD indicator

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50% Fibonacci Retracement Confluence With Fresh Supply

Key Levels for USD/JPY Wednesday  21/08/2019 Fibonacci retracement is a very popular tool for measured trends and technical correction in the Forex market. A Fibonacci level alone is not good and reliable enough to get a decision and act. Therefore, I’ll always look for another

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Which Zone The USDJPY Price Will Break First

Monday 13/05/2019 Waiting for Breakout of One of The Zones The USDJPY price is ranging between the support below and the resistance above. there is a 50 pips range between these zones, at the moment, it’s better to wait for the price to break out

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Short Terms Analysis USD/JPY 19/06/18

Those are the key levels to look for a short-term position on USDJPY. If the price will break out the resistance above it indicates the price tends to reach the supply above, therefore I’ll look for a P”A setup of buy position, and my final

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Confirmation Zone USD/JPY 22/05/18

After the recent uptrend, i prefer to look for the reversal opportunity. If the price will breakout the confirmation zone it’s a sign of changing momentum, It is also a sign that the price tends to reach the demand below and maybe the one at

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Supply&Demand USDJPY 08/12/2017

The supply above is the last one that the price left there unfilled orders, it seems like a great level that can take the price down to the demand below, therefore I’ll sell at this level, and my target will be the demand below, if

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