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Weekly Forex Analysis Forecast Apr 06-10_04_2020 a

Weekly Forex Analysis Forecast Video Apr 06-10/04/2020

Weekly Forex Analysis Forecast Video Apr 06-10/04/2020 Welcome to The 5%ers weekly forex analysis webinar. supply and demand forex strategy. This webinar will demonstrate how to read the market with a deep understanding of the price movement and how to trade with naked charts. In

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day trading

USOIL – Key Levels for Day Trading

As we can see on the 30M time frame USOIL chart I marked the next key levels for a day trader. Below us, there is a great demand level for day trade buy position, This demand also broke out the supply from 31/10/19 which indicates

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WTI Price

WTI Price Opens The Week With a Huge Gap Up

WTI Reaches a New 4 Month High After Saudi Arabia Oil Field Attacks. Monday  16/09/2019 WTI price opens this trading week with a huge gap up. The price ended last week at 55.00 zones and open this week at 60.00. The highest level the price

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Combination of MACD Divergence and Fresh Supply

Combination of MACD Divergence and Fresh Supply

What is the Swing/Long Term Destination For USOIL Price? Thursday 08/08/2019 The MACD divergence and the fresh supply in the USOIL price creates a swing sell position opportunity. While the USOIL price become bearish, the question is what will OPEC do about that? The delicate

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USA/CAD: Dollars, Loonies & Black Gold

How Oil Price Dictates the USD/CAD Exchange Rate The world runs on oil. The insatiable demand from developed and developing countries means that crude oil remains one of the core components of the global economy. It keeps things moving, and we simply cannot live without

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USD/CAD: Good Chance to Break Resistance

Tuesday 09/07/2019 A Reversal Opportunity may be Indicated Here The USD/CAD has just arrived into a resistance zone and it is the third time that the price retests in this zone. It began as a fresh supply, following the price retests it turned into a

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USOIL: The Correction Before Further Decrease.

Tuesday 11/06/2019 A Bullish Pin Bar Candlestick Pattern With Demand Level On USOIL The last USOIL weekly candle formed a bullish pin bar pattern following a closure. The Pin Bar candlestick pattern is one of the most reliable and powerful candlesticks patterns for technical Forex

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CCI Divergence 1D Chart On USOIL 04/12/2018

As we can see, the CCI indicator shows a clear divergence between the price lows and the indicator lows, as the price create a lower low the CCI shows higher low, this kind of Divergence indicates this bearish momentum is losing power and there is

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Swing Key Levels USOIL 30/07/18

The USOIL have just arrived in a fresh supply level, it is a great level to sell, for the long/swing terms it seems the price tends to reach the demand below, which is also my target, if the price will break this supply I’ll open

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Swing Analysis USOIL 24/05/18

The USOIL is after a nice uptrend, the price now is holding on a support zone, if the price will breakout this support it indicates the price tends to reach the support below and maybe even the demand at the bottom, if the support will

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Key Levels USOIL 30/11/2017

At the swing term, the USOIL seems to be bearish, High probability. The price tends to reach the demand at the bottom, the supply above. It’s a great level to jump on this train if the price will back to this level, I’ll sell at the

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