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Testing new MACD cross strategy. Caution: Newbie!

by Mark H, February 16, 2021

GBP/USD M5 Crossover of MACD and 3 MA's, with a modified fib Details below...

by Mark H February 16, 2021









Analysis Method:

Crossover of MACD and 3 MA’s, with a modified fib Details below…


I asked Saul about this during the Trading Room session on Feb 16, 2020….just before a possible signal. He suggested I take the trade and a screenshot of the results. Luckily, I didn’t get a signal there, but soon after got a signal, but I didn’t take the trade (duh), but I marked up my chart as it played out, as if I had. Lost an opportunity due to my own fears…oh well, there are many more trades ahead! Thank you Saul!

Trade Plan:

1: Look for MACD signal line crossing main line. If crossover appears below histogram, it’s a BUY signal. If it’s below histogram, it’s a SELL.
2: Look for crossover of 6MA and 14MA lines, If 6 crosses 14 below the 26MA line in a steep rise, that’s a BUY signal. If the 6 crosses the 14 in a steep decline and it’s above the 26 line, it’s a SELL signal.
3: Look for where the 26MA line is. If it’s above the 6 and 14 and rising, that confirms a BUY signal. Below the 6 and 14 and falling confirms a SELL..

Risk Management:

Stop loss is set at 10 pips or below the last bar low. Take 1/2 profit at 10 pips and let the other 1/2 run until there is an obviously good reason to close it due to price action.

Things To Watch For:

Fear of taking signals! Especially against a big trend. I am just looking for 10 pips though.


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