Interviews With Traders

I Got Funded Thanks to The5ers Risk Parameters – $100K Funded Trader

September 14, 2023 | 3:11 pm | Interviews With Traders
September 14, 2023 | 3:11 pm
Interviews With Traders
I Got Funded Thanks to The5ers Risk Parameters - $100K Funded Trader

“Money is secondary; dedicate your time to learning and training. “

Rasolofoniaina T, 25 years old, From Madagascar.

Rasolofoniaina successfully passed the Bootcamp program. He is now trading the $100K funded account.

His next objective is to reach a 5% profit to scale up his account to $125K.

We spoke with Rasolofoniaina about his trading plan, insights, and lessons gained while trading in the Forex market and our platform as a funded trader.

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Rasolofoniaina’s $75K Bootcamp account

Rasolofoniaina's $75K Bootcamp account - The5ers funded trader



Rasolofoniaina's $75K Bootcamp account advanced stattistics



  • Tell us a little bit about you.
    You can simply call me Todisoa. married and a father of two children, residing in Antananarivo, Madagascar 🇲🇬. To be honest, my background has nothing to do with trading. I pursued my studies at the École Supérieure Polytechnique d’Antananarivo for about 6 years to become an Industrial Engineer. 😁


  • How long have you been trading?
    I’m a full-time trader. I started trading 3 years ago, but I focused on trading with prop firms at the beginning of 2022.


  • Briefly describe your Trading Plan and how it contributes to your success.
    My trading plan is quite simple, using the SMC strategy with some personal touchesi. And we all know that a strategy is nothing without psychology and risk management. So, I handle my risks well.


  • Please share with us a challenge you faced in your trading career and how you overcame it.
    Before, I thought I would become rich quickly, but throughout my journey in trading, losing accounts, and starting from scratch multiple times, I realized that it’s a very challenging activity, and since then, money has become secondary for me. I’ve dedicated my time to learning and training. I’ve focused on a strategy and used good risk management practices.


  • How did you adjust risk management to your trading personality?
    I don’t risk much except when I lose my head 😂 (we’re human, trying to be perfect). On average, I open one position a day, set stop-loss and take-profit, and then walk away from the screen. I don’t even monitor it to avoid making changes.


  • Describe a key moment in your trading career.
    After facing failure after failure, I worked extensively on emotional and risk management, which is the key to success in trading. I developed a plan aligned with my strategy and recorded my trades in a journal for tracking and improvement.


  • How long does it take to become a consistent trader, and what aspects did you change that helped you become consistent?
    This year, I feel comfortable with my trading approach, but every day, I continue to learn and improve to sustain long-term profitability. The market is constantly evolving, and it’s important to keep improving to stay on top of it. As I mentioned before, trading isn’t easy; it requires giving it your all.



  • What is your mental/psychological strength, and how did you develop it?
    It’s essential to be aware of what we’re doing. Every time we trade, we need to know why we’re trading and how we’re trading. Every detail matters, and maintaining focus is crucial. Staying calm and sticking to your trading plan is key. When you win, it’s rewarding, and when you lose, it’s a lesson to improve from.


  • What was your strategy to successfully pass The5ers’ First Level?
    I’ve consistently used the SMC strategy with additional personal insights gained over my years of experience. During tests, there were moments of difficulty where I chose alternative risk and trade management approaches to succeed (it’s important always to know how to adapt better).


  • How is trading for The5ers different from trading by yourself?
    It’s quite different, trading with a prop firm is very advantageous because you trade with larger capital, allowing for better risk management. Also, with The5ers, there’s a strong emphasis on maintaining discipline.


  • What would you recommend to someone who is just starting with us?
    Just keep calm and stay focused. The5ers is among the top prop firms, so just stick to your plan and don’t let emotions guide you. We know mistakes happen, but always strive to maintain discipline because it’s the foundation.


  • Share online resources that were/are significant in your trading development.
    You can follow me at,
    That’s where I share some ideas and advice based on my experiences for free.


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