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The 5%ers Support – 2020 Recap By Snir Ahiel

December 30, 2020 | 1:09 pm | Advanced Forex Blog
December 30, 2020 | 1:09 pm
Advanced Forex Blog
The 5%ers Support - 2020 Recap By Snir Ahiel

2020 Was a great year for us in The 5%ers

Our main goal for the past year was to extend our trading platform by introducing more community aspects and more self-improvement tools and services for our traders. I am looking back at the year 2020, and I can happily say I am satisfied with the things we have accomplished, and by the trader’s encouraging feedbacks we are receiving daily. Still, many yet to come for 2021.

2020 Journey

A major challenge was for the support team due to an increasing amount of traders. In the back-end, we had to implement many changes to enable supporting the growing numbers.

One key improvement we had made at the very start of the year was to implement many automation services that speed up the signup process; in 10 minutes from signup, traders can begin trading. More automation services are offering real-time feedbacks related to the program’s objectives and requirements. The automation project is a challenging and endless task, but it results in providing fast services with less need to interact with our support, by that we have more dedicated resources to support individual queries by great efficiency and caring like we want to.

As the person that manages all the support department, I must say that being attentive to our traders required a lot of patience and also provided us with a lot of information about our traders and traders who are still considering joining us, that help us to keep close and attentive to our traders. This also helps us recognize our advantages and disadvantages and we often discuss reconstructing our programs to better suit the traders’ goals and ambitions. 

A year ago we launched the trader’s dashboard, where the traders can follow their progression within the program and extract insightful information about their habits. The main thought at the base of the trader’s dashboards was to provide a metrics reflection in regards to the trading activity and as a consequence improving performance. The trader dashboard also serves our team when traders request a consultation in regards to their performance. Overall, this product provides a huge improvement both for the traders and for our trading-level communication with the traders. We continue to add more metrics and insightful statistics, and more to come this year ahead. We strive to provide more viewing-angles for traders to learn about their trading journey, to improve their trading strategy, risk management, and to conclude action items for the trading psychology aspects.

This is where the Portfolio Analyst comes in place. In Q3 we added the “Portfolio Analyst”  1 on 1 meeting sessions where traders receive an in-depth meaningful consultation meeting with our leading trader & analyst: Saul Lokier. This program is offered free to our live community of traders. It’s our passion to invest in our traders, and drive them for better performance and higher rewarding trading journey. You can learn more about the Portfolio Analyst case study on Saul’s blog posts. 

The Live Daily Trading Room was introduced during the summer of 2020 as another link of The5ers traders-relationship strategy which brings our traders high-quality content and technical analysis like how to read and understand the price action professionally, how to trade supply and demand, etc…

We also share ideas in the trading room and let traders share their own analysis and charts as we are exposed to all kinds of trading styles and terms, together we look for opportunities during the trading room to open positions.

A week ago we launched the Prop Trading course, especially for The5ers traders. This advanced trading course will help our traders build solid trading bases, build a solid trading plan, help them adapt their systems to the5ers parameters, show different risk techniques, and help them develop the right mindset when trading.


Our mission to 2021

Looking up to the upcoming year, we will continue to invest in you and in your trading journey toward greater success. We have many new features and services scheduled to be launched for the months to come. We keep our ears open to your needs and we will continue to improve our offering and added values in our programs. Your success is our success, and we will continue to invest our best efforts in yours.

A happy new year and High 5!


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