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The Canadian Dollar, also known as, the Loonie, is one of the world’s premier commodity currency, which means that it moves in line with the commodities markets – especially precious minerals, metals, and crude oil. Canada is a major exporter of these commodities. Thus, the Loonie experiences extreme volatility to changes in their underlying prices, notably with the value of crude oil. Forex traders generally trade with the Canadian dollar when they are hedging to their holdings with underlying contracts or to speculate on the movements of these commodities. It is also close to the Canadian economy, and the world’s biggest consumer base, the United States, which is why the Canadian dollar is highly connected to the strength of movements in the U.S. dollar and the U.S. economy.
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Did you know?

Did you know the coins and currency-pairs have nicknames?

The Canadian Dollar is nicknamed Loonie. It recieved its name from the picture of a loon (an aquatic animal) on the reverse side of the 1 dollar coin. 

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GBP/CAD M15 order block


GBP/CAD | Long | M15 Timeframe: M15 Analysis Method: order block Analysis: the low order block has not been mitigated yet and the sell off

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GBP/CAD H1 Price action - Patterns


GBP/CAD | Long | H1 Timeframe: H1 Analysis Method: Price action – Patterns Analysis: Price may present an opportunity to go long from that area

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GBP/CAD | Long | H4 Timeframe: H4 Analysis: The GBPCAD pair in the downtrend but reached a support area could bounce here. Stoploss 166.420

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GBP/CAD H4 Support and resistance


GBP/CAD | Long | H4 Timeframe: H4 Analysis Method: Support and resistance Analysis: The pair is supported at 1.71724; in my opinion, it is on

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GBP/CAD H4 Trendline break with divergence

Gbpcad losing steam

GBP/CAD | Short | H4 Timeframe: H4 Analysis Method: Trendline break with divergence Analysis: Zooming out to daily chart will show the current level is

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