The5ers Timeline

Have a look at some The5ers milestones as well as the latest news and releases.

Propietary Indicators for The5ers Traders

We have coded top proprietary indicators to help our traders with their risk management in trading.

Download them from your dashboard and load them to your MT5.

December 2021
November 2021

New Bootcamp Program

The5ers launches the first low entry cost challenge, where you can prove your trading skills,
and pay the rest only once you’ve passed.

New Facilities

As the company grows, we moved into a larger office and recruited top talented personnel for fulfilling the needs and projects of the next year.

October 2021
June 2021

Summer Plan

The5ers presents the first free challenge, where you can prove your trading skills for free, and pay only once you've passed.

Introducing MT5

We implemented The5ers licensed MT5, to offer the best trading experience, with super low spreads, historical data and widening spreads protection.
Web and mobile version available.

March 2021
February 2021

Support Revolution

We expanded the support team and technology for better and faster response, and included chat bot to provide 24/7 assistance.

Trading Plan

We prepared and sent a complete physic trading plan for traders to write down, follow and journalize their trading performance. 
An online version is still available for our traders once completing the Prop Course.

December 2020
November 2020

Aggressive & Low Risk Programs

The aggressive programs offer higher leverage than the original Low Risk programs, for traders seeking a more "freestyle" trading.

Switching to Absolute Stop out level

Until now, we used to measure drawdown allowance by a relative one. We switched to a fix stop out level for traders to compound their gains. Certainly a welcomed change.

October 2020
September 2020

Trading Room and Resources

In the desire to accompany our traders in their journey, we launched many resources to interact, guide and learn. We firmly believe in providing added value all the time.
Trading room, prop course and 1 to 1 calls are just a few.

Dashboard Releasing

First Prop Firm to offer a Dashboard for traders to follow their progress and statistics. This is key for traders to measure where are they standing at any given moment on their progress.

January 2020

First Instant Funding Model

Leading the industry with funding programs. Trading real accounts from day 1 and eligible to gat paid from the beginning is the core of our instant funding programs.

First Website Launching

The5ers is born. The mission of providing retail traders with enough capital to make a trading career begins.


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