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Looking for TopstepTrader alternatives? This is the best choice!

December 16, 2019 | 7:03 am | Forex Blog Articles
December 16, 2019 | 7:03 am
Forex Blog Articles
looking for TopstepTrader alternatives This is the best choice!

Trading is seen today as a barrier-to-entry field, but that isn’t reflective of the vast market.

The5ers proprietary trading fund is a good option if you have been looking for TopstepTrader alternatives or as a Blue Point Trading alternative.

Nowadays, anyone who has the patience and ambition can become a trader with not a lot of money required. Does it sound too good to be true?

There are a lot of proprietary trading funds that have brought in a new era of trading. Technology has greatly influenced a lot of industries and trading has also been positively affected by advancements in technology.

Now people can trade with greater convenience from their homes without much capital. The markets are interlinked and there is always someone trading in the market, so there are plenty of chances to make profitable trades.

However, trading isn’t an easy business, and it is imperative that you start your trading career with the right proprietary trading fund.

A lot of people assume incorrectly that only those with advanced degrees and high-pedigree manage to make it as full-time traders. However, that isn’t the case, because you can easily become a high-pedigree trader by joining a proprietary trading firm.

Now there are a lot of great options around, Among the key brand names you can find The5ers, Apiary Fund, TopstepTrader (AKA: TST), and Blue Point Trading (AKA: BPT). Each has a slightly different model. While The5ers is the youngest member among the leading industry brands, it had developed an improved program considering the standards made by the senior funds.

The5ers proprietary trading fund is a good option if you have been looking for a TopstepTrader alternative or as a Blue Point Trading alternative. The5ers have great advantages over other proprietary firms in the market. They aren’t an ordinary proprietary trading fund and have been chosen as an Apiary alternative by a lot of traders. The reason for that is because of the many advantages of the features offered by The5ers.

Let’s look at The5ers proprietary trading fund, and what makes them the preferred forex trader funding program.

Lowest Participation Cost

The first thing that makes The5ers stand out is that they only require a one-time commitment fee.

While the old-school funds like TopstepTrader and BPT are charging their traders an endless monthly subscription to participate in their program, The5ers is committed to the lowest entry cost that is offered in the market.

  • No subscription fee
  • One time fee only
  • No fine print, no hidden costs, and terms

In the early days of the proprietary trading industry, subscription made sense. Working for these funds was an in-office environment, and seats at the tables were costly. It did make sense that a trader would share the rent for the real-estate. But in today’s technology allow unlimited traders to utilize these opportunities. The real-estate factor is no longer exists. Renting a seat doesn’t apply anymore.

The5ers program one-time-fee is explainable and is based on a reasoned and fair model. The fee is the actual value of the maximum relative drawdown enforced by the fund during the evaluation. Once a trader completes the evaluation there are no longer any hidden fees to mind.

Trading styles –We welcome all trading systems

Other proprietary trading firms will impose their own trading styles. Some are actually an education program with a fund for its exclusive seniors. Other funds would just limit the trading hours to match their office hours, and some may aim to just intraday activity, prohibiting any longer-term trading.

  • No restriction on trading style, as long as you incorporate our money management requirements
  • Our funded trader program is designed to fit any trading strategy

At The5ers there are no restrictions placed on trading styles, as they offer complete flexibility and agility in terms of trading styles.

The fund trading policy contains only risk management measure a trader should apply to his trading strategy. All the rest of the trading aspects are at the freedom of the trader’s fingertips. The analysis, session time, position-duration, trading frequency methods, and discipline – is totally up to the trader’s preferences to ensures that you can have complete freedom to trade in the way you want.

The5ers is the only forex proprietary fund that is allowing overnight position holding and over the weekend. EA algorithm robots are also allowed to be used by The5ers’ traders. This is only done to provide excellent conditions for swing and position traders, as it gives them great opportunities, and it is the same for day traders and aggressive scalpers.

Trading hours

The5ers see no reason to restrict trading hours. Especially for spot currencies trading, which is continuous 24/5.

This approach allows you to trade at your convenience time and expertise trading sessions. Allowing overnight and through the weekend position holding means the program isn’t only designed for day traders and uses cutting-edge technology to ensure all traders have great opportunities.

This is a real advantage to all forex traders that might consider Aipry Fund, Blue Point trading or TopstepTrader alternatives.

looking for TopstepTrader alternatives | This is the best choice!


Best funded trader programs – Always Trading Real Money

  • The simplest funded trading account  you will ever find
  • Earn Profits and trade real capital During Evaluation
  • Anyone can get funded and trade real money from stage one

Trading Growth Program

The5ers is a remote proprietary trading fund that is committed to a structured systematic growth, which allows the highest returns among all other funds, double for 10% net profit, and doesn’t have any monthly cost at all.

The profit withdrawals aren’t taken from the growth and will be paid automatically every month. That is completely different from other proprietary funds, who will take out withdrawals from the growth, and that hampers the profit of the trader.

The5ers outstand leading brands such as Apiaryfund or TopstepTrader who present an unclear growth plan and vague trading rules. That is something that you wouldn’t find at The5ers, which is what makes us superior as a TopstepTrader alternative.

Withdrawals Monthly like a Swiss Clock

Another great reason why you should The5ers as your remote proprietary trading fund is because we believe that what you have earned is yours to keep.

  • Get paid for profits every month, No minimum threshold
  • Double the funded trading account size every 10%
  • Profit payout that is not deducted from achieving a milestone toward growth

We ensure all traders are paid monthly, irrespective of the amount they are due to receive. Our goal is to keep things simple when it comes to finances and accounting, and therefore payout all portfolio managers in an organized and timely fashion.

Evaluations -getting qualified

What makes The5ers so great is that they test traders on live trading accounts, and allow them to make profits from their accounts, which can be shared with the trader.

Our funded trader programs are designed to pass

  • Easy to meet milestone targets
  • Clear and simplified trading objectives
  • Works with your trading style

That means that all traders that start trading with The5ers will start making profits from the very first day. This is something that other trading proprietary firms haven’t managed yet, because they are still in the demo environment, and there is no income that can be made without first being tested.

This doesn’t create the best situation for trading and ultimately results in success being compromised for the trader.


One of the main reasons why The5ers has remained so popular as a remote proprietary trading fund among traders is because they have the most transparent rules.

The rules have only been made for risk management policies, and all policies have logic in terms of risk reasoning, which has been explained clearly on the website. That is another thing you will not find at other proprietary trading funds, which lack to publish clear set rules or enforce rules that don’t interfere with your trading routine.

There are a lot of reasons why The5ers has remained the most popular proprietary trading fund, which is that they have an extremely detailed and elaborative website.

Their website publishes a program term and conditions agreement with all traders, which is something you will not find on the website of any other proprietary trading firm. Some proprietary trading firms fail to present their program on a public webpage, not giving out any information about their program including terms and conditions or a contract.

Metatrader 4 trading platform

  • This is the trading platform of choice by most traders
  • Allows using scripts, EA and customized tools and indicators

We are here for you

  • Our risk management guidelines will make you trade better.
  • We provide safe, reliable and transparent trading conditions that encourage profitability.
  • We are backing you up with any support you need via telephone, live chat, skype, email or form submitting.

Topsteptrader alternatives conclusion

There are a lot of different proprietary trading firms around in the market and when you are looking for Apiary alternative, Blue Point Trading alternative, or TopstepTrader alternatives, there is only one name that you should be looking at.

The5ers are a unique proprietary trading firm because we are remote, which means we don’t have or need a physical office location. We are committed to making forex trading easier for everyone, and unlike others, we want to reward our most gifted and successful traders.

A lot of Forex traders prefer working with our firm because we understand what it takes to make a difference in the lives of traders. It isn’t easy making a career and becoming successful in trading, but if you have the right online proprietary trading fund watching your back, the odds do shift in your favor as a trader.

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