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Funding Traders & Growth Program

Trade for a Living - Just like a Pro

Our Capital Funding team offers a unique program to dedicated and experienced forex traders. With our professional program and service, we give traders the opportunity to reach new heights. Our fund's capital is yours to use and to trade. From this, you will earn real profits to take home. Use our platform to gain skills, revenue, and increase profit by trading full-time or part-time.

Trade with Funding, Freedom & Flexibility

Our business model has been designed to offer traders the option to trade using any strategy. Trade from anywhere and at any time. We bring opportunities for all forex traders to collaborate with us - regardless of your location. If you have the ambition and talent to trade, then we will give you the opportunity of a life time- to trade like a real pro.

Our Funds + Your Portfolio = Shared Wealth

Do you have talent, tactics,and tools to be a consistent and successful trader? If so, we want you! Trade securely on our platform by using our fund's capital. Our capital helps to maximize your potential for optimal financial growth, including significant portfolio development and also by ensuring that you receive your share of profits earned.

Double Your Trading Balance for every Milestone Achieved!

Exponential Growth

Our belief is that 'only with capital, can one generate even more capital'. This is our reason for offering traders the opportunity to join our program. We provide forex traders with an incomparable growth plan that expands based on your trading achievements. A reachable $1 million trading balance is not the limit, and we mean it!


Reliable Monthly Payouts

Once successfully reaching each level of profit required, your accelerated growth will place you and your life comfortably in the winning seat. Profits are paid out on the same date monthly. We use an organized and consistent payout system, and your earnings are timeously processed.

No Minimum Requirements

We are a friendly funding program for serious forex trading. There are no minimum profits to reach nor limits to how much you can earn for yourself. There are no obligations owed to our program. Only show that you are a capable trader and agree to our terms and conditions. This what makes us the best proprietary trading firm for beginners!

Become a 100% funded & professional forex trader. No deposit or hidden costs. Only profitable trading. All trading on live funded trading accounts.


Founded Forex Account without the risk


Access to real trading funds from the very beginning. We are the only program that gives real trading funds for Level 1 and where you collect your trading profits earned during your entire program.

best funded forex trader programs


We consistently pay out profits once a month using a coherent and transparent schedule. There are no payout fees nor minimum transaction thresholds. Every cent is duly paid.

Funded Forex Account with Accelerated Growth


Significant rewards for responsible and consistent trading. Fast and achievable milestones that multiply when reached. Increased growth rewards for earning actual profits.

Funded Forex Account with your trading style


We strive to be the most flexible funding and growth program. We want to see you achieve with the least limitations. Any strategy is acceptable, manual or EA, trading symbols, 24/5 continuous hours, overnight/over-weekend and news event trading.

Simple Funded Forex Account


Our program is designed for success. No hidden costs. No subscriptions. A once-off fee is the ONLY fee. The fee is based on the initial risk taken for the trading program.

outstanding communication with our traders


The 5%ers is based and built around the needs of modern traders. Being traders ourselves, we have designed a program to suit most types of traders. We are here to initialize, maintain, and grow your long-lasting trading career.

Program Mission and Definition

The 5%ers operate an Online Funding and Growth Trading Program.

The 5%ers welcomes Financial Market traders from any nationality and any age from 18 years old to participate.

The 5%ers provides fully-funded forex trading account with monthly profit payout plans and lucrative growth scenarios to traders who qualify for the program’s trading requirements.

Under a 3rd party contract, The 5%ers recruits talented traders to work for the company, on the company’s platform and using the company’s assets and funds.

The 5%ers is a brand name, operated by Five Percent Online LTD, and is a privately owned Legal Corporation, performing a Nostro-investment operation. It is not operating as a Financial Institution of any type, nor is it a Broker, nor a Broker Marketing platform, and does not accept Investor’s capital.

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