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The Key Steps to Help Beginner Traders on the Forex Market

June 7, 2020 | 10:19 am | Forex Blog
June 7, 2020 | 10:19 am
Forex Blog
The key Steps to Help Beginner Traders on the Forex Market

Forex trading entails the exchange of foreign currencies. It is usually deemed a difficult task requiring years of learning and experience. However, a lot of interested parties can get involved starting by creating an account; a process that takes little to no time to finish.

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Four key steps can assist any trader in participating in the forex market.


Understanding the jargons related to forex trade.


Analyzing the world economy.


conducting trade in the forex market.

These four steps are to be followed precisely thereby ensuring proper trade strategies in the forex market.

The Forex Trade Process

Step 1: Understand the Forex Vocabulary

Trading will be made easier if the trader gets to understand some common vocabulary that is used in the forex market. Some of the words used abundantly are:

  • Quote Currency – Is the currency being purchased
  • Base Currency – Is the currency being held by the trader.

The base and quote currency together make a currency pair.

  • Ask Price – this is the price that the forex broker or brokerage firm will request the client in exchange for purchasing the agreed-upon quote currency.
  • Bid Price – It is the price that the forex broker prepared to purchase or bid the base currency being held by the client.

The asking price is at all times greater than the bid price.

  • Spread – It is the commission earned by the forex broker. It is calculated using the difference between the bidding and the asking price.
  • Percentage in Point (PIP) – It is regarded as the tiniest value of a currency trend. One is valued as a percentage of the profit accrued.


Once the vocabulary has been grasped, the learner ought to read up on some forex books as well as taking up some trading classes. Another option entails joining forex trading groups or communities that are engrossed in the forex market.

Step 2: Choice of the Appropriate Forex Broker

It is better to choose a suitable forex broker or brokerage firm before attempting to start trading in the forex market. The chosen broker will be tasked with assisting the client make trades among other extra financial services as per agreed between both parties.

Conducting a financially-centered business with an ethically reputable forex broker increases the chances of gaining profit from the bidding and asking prices. It is, therefore, better to do extensive research on the forex broker to be considered.

A point of consideration is the fact that not all brokers are involved in the forex trade. However, for an amateur, it is considered effective to work with a broker that provides various means of customer service.

Trading on Forex Market banner

Step 3: Analysis of The World Economy

The main consideration made when trading in the forex market is the prediction and analysis done in the global economy. Therefore getting the market trend is a key towards making efficient trades in the forex market.

A common quote in the world of forex trade states that: “For one to become a successful trader, the base currency must be converted to a quote currency that should rise in value. The quote currency should then be converted back to the base currency after its value has risen to its peak.”

To fulfill this step a lot of research is done on aspects such as the forex trade positions, the GDP of the host nation, and the political environment that exists in the country of interest. These factors will help the trader get an idea of the quote currency that is worthy of investment as well as the nations that show promise for future growth and development.

Step 4: Trading on the Forex Market

At the start of this stage, the trader should have decided on the quote currency that will be purchased. This stage, therefore, involves making the actual trade in the forex market. The forex broker of choice will probably provide the client with an online trading platform. This platform will enable the trader to either purchase or sell a particular currency with the forex broker.

The platform specification will vary with the scenario taking place. The last step is to observe the forex market order execution. This involves placing the order and letting the forex broker handle the rest of the details in the market platform.

Trading on Forex Market Conclusion

Before embarking on trading in the forex market, the trader should always make sure to constantly observe and be keen on every piece of news that relates to the forex market. This is inclusive of the risks associated with the currency trade.

Applying all the steps, constant learning, and training with the help of an accurate forex indicator like Agimat FX Ultra and the use of reputable forex broker will increase the chances of accruing profit from the forex market trades.

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