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Understand Market’s Behavior Using Supply and Demand Order Flow

October 11, 2023 | 3:50 am | Forex Blog
October 11, 2023 | 3:50 am
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Supply And Demand Order Flow

Watch Gil Ben-Hur, The5ers Founder, as he lectures about the core reason that drives price – understanding the market’s behavior – Supply and Demand Order Flow.

It is a timeless yet simple concept for a true understanding of the market’s behavior.

Why You Should Use Order Flow:

  • It explains the micro and the macro
  • It can be used with any trading style
  • It can be used with any time frame
  • It provides great signals ahead of time
  • It’s an EASY & SIMPLE methodology


Unlocking the Power of Order Flow: A Trading Method For Accuracy

In the video, Gil delves into the fascinating world of order flow and supply and demand in the context of trading.

Understanding the Market’s Real-world Dynamics

Gil emphasizes the importance of understanding the market as a real entity driven by the fundamental principles of supply and demand. Whether it’s physical commodities or financial assets like stocks, futures, or forex pairs, the market’s movements are determined by the balance between buyers and sellers.

Every Tick Tells a Real-World Story

Every tick in the market represents a real trade that has occurred somewhere in the world. This tangible connection to the real world is a crucial concept for traders to grasp. The market is not merely a matrix of numbers; it’s a dynamic arena where participants, including institutions, countries, Central Banks, hedge funds, and retail traders, interact.


The Market’s Narrative: Balancing Buyers and Sellers

The market is a story of two forces: those willing to buy and those willing to sell. These forces collectively shape the market’s direction. When examining a price chart, traders should look for key decision points, or “decisions,” where the market changes direction. These decisions are the result of a balance between buyers and sellers.

Mastering Supply and Demand Zones

To illustrate this concept, Gil discusses supply and demand zones. When there are more sellers than buyers, prices are driven down as sellers compete to offload their assets. Conversely, when more buyers emerge, prices rise. Traders can identify these zones on a chart and anticipate price reactions at these levels.

Fresh Zones: Precise Entry and Exit Points

Fresh supply and demand zones, where the market has recently shifted its sentiment, are particularly important. For instance, if a demand zone has driven prices upward, it’s likely to act as a support level in the future. These zones provide traders with precise entry and exit points, enhancing their risk-reward ratios.

Discipline Through Patience: A Clear Plan for Traders

One of the advantages of supply and demand trading is that it allows traders to maintain a disciplined approach. Instead of chasing breakouts or trying to predict market movements, they can patiently wait for price to reach specific levels. This approach enables them to enter trades with a clear plan, reducing emotional bias during trading.

Versatility Across Trading Styles

Supply and demand trading can be applied to various trading styles, from intraday to swing trading. It’s a versatile tool that can be combined with other strategies and knowledge, giving traders the flexibility to adapt to different market conditions.


In conclusion, Gil’s presentation provides valuable insights into the world of supply and demand order flow trading. It underscores the importance of understanding the real-world dynamics that drive market movements and how traders can use this knowledge to make informed decisions. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, the principles of supply and demand can be a powerful addition to your trading toolkit.

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