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What Is a Proprietary Trading Fund

November 12, 2019 | 12:10 pm | Forex Blog Articles
November 12, 2019 | 12:10 pm
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What is a prop trading fund

A prop trading fund trades for itself and doesn’t trade on behalf of customers. The trading firm doesn’t have any customers and is a unique entity in the active trading market since it works for itself to achieve long-term profitability.

Proprietary or prop trading firms are also known by various names like props shops or prop firms and are quite popular among traders looking for lucrative careers in the industry as well as investors looking for high return opportunities. The proprietary firm offers traders with a funded trading account, which means they don’t need to risk their own money when trading.

To work with a proprietary trading firm, a forex trader must possess a remarkable record of profitable trades. The firm evaluates all traders and will only select the best funding traders to trade on its behalf.

This is just one reason why many prop trading firms are establishing operations and leveraging the expertise of successful traders, who might be willing to trade from the comfort of their homes.

Regulation on Proprietary Trading

proprietary funds like The 5%ers are private funds holding ownership of a Forex Trading account under a regulated broker. However, there is no regulation clause to proprietary funds, because they are not a financial institute and do not provide any financial services. they trade using there own fund’s capital, with the support of there competent portfolio partners.

Do You Need a License To Trade Proprietary Trading Fund?

No license is required to become a portfolio partner. Proprietary Trading does not handle any 3rd party funds. As a private fund, they have the freedom to hire any legal service provides to there fund.

What Is A Proprietary Trading Fund

What Makes A Proprietary Trading Firm Different

A proprietary trading firm is an organization that hires traders to trade capital on behalf of the firm. The traders may either get in-house training or if they have experience and talent, they will be given a funded trading account to start trading on the market straight away.

Funded traders have a simple job, to generate profitable returns for the company when trading with their assigned capital.

When you trade for a proprietary trading fund, you will not earn a base salary but will receive compensation through a split of the profits you generate.

The share earned by traders depends on the proprietary firm they are trading with and can range from anywhere between 35% to 75% along with several other benefits.

If you are trading under a prop trading fund, you will be expected to showcase a winning mentality and deliver consistent profitability in the marketplace.

Hedge Fund vs. Prop Trading Fund

Hedge funds

Hedge funds will invest their client’s money in the financial markets and earn money when they generate gains on the investments.

Proprietary traders, on the other hand, will invest the firm’s money in the market and will take home 100% of the returns. Hedge funds are responsible for their clients and charge their client’s high fees to trade on their behalf.

Proprietary trading firms

Proprietary trading firms focus on improving the balance sheets of the firm by using their own money to invest in the financial market. It gives more freedom to traders to take risks because they aren’t investing a client’s money, but their own. The forex traders are also answerable to the firm and not to a client.

What are the Benefits for Prop Traders

Many forex traders dream of working with a proprietary trading fund, as it offers them the best chance of taking their trading career to the next level.

There are several remote proprietary trading firms in the market today, which offer traders the chance to trade online from anywhere and at any time. This greater flexibility allows traders to develop their skills and have complete freedom with the trading strategy they use. Here are some other benefits that online proprietary firms offer:

Work at your convenience

One of the biggest benefits you gain when working with an online remote proprietary firm is the freedom to work at your own convenience. You can choose your own trading style, and trade at your own time, and from wherever you want to.

Get paid for trading

Another great reason to trade with an online remote prop trading firm is the chance to earn real money while trading with professionals. All that is required from your own is to perform to your highest standard, and you will get the chance to enjoy a highly paid career with flexibility, comfort, independence, and your own working place.

Trade at your convenience

When you’re working with an online remote proprietary trading firm you can choose when, where, and how often you want to trade. The firm gives the funded trader complete freedom to do things their way, and even allowing trades an online work platform to trade from their own workspace.

Trade your strategy

There are hundreds of thousands of different trading strategies that you can choose to employ in forex trading, and when you trade with an online remote proprietary firm you will have complete freedom to trade in your own style. The firm will not try to set limits for the trader’s trading style, and if you show profitable and consistent returns with your trading style then they will not interfere.

Read more about becoming a funded trader.

How to Choose a Remote Proprietary Fund

There is no shortage in the marketplace when it comes to remote prop trading funds, and new ones are springing up with increasing regularity. With so many different options, it can become confusing for forex traders to identify the best FX proprietary firms. If you are finding it difficult to choose one, here are some qualities you should look for when deciding on the best Forex proprietary fund to work with.

Remote platform

Check to see whether the proprietary firm offers a remote platform so that you can work at your own convenience at any time and from anywhere you choose. Remote platforms give
complete freedom to traders to trade at their convenience.

Reliable payouts

Convenience in forex trading is important, but even more crucial is checking whether the proprietary firm has a track record of payouts. If they are unreliable when it comes to payouts, then there are a lot of other proprietary firms in the market you can choose that do offer reliable profits, like The5ers.

Fair trading conditions

To become a successful funded trader who trades with a substantially funded forex account, you need to work with a proprietary firm that sets fair trading conditions.

If the demands from the proprietary firm are unrealistic then there is no point in trying to build a trading career with them.

Before you signup to any program, do research about the trading conditions, check if the fund you are applying for does not restrict any of the trading characteristics that are used in your strategy.

You may check things like, how many pips you may risk per trade or on a trading day, is overnight trading allowed, are there any restricted trading hours? trading sessions? what is the maximum leverage that is actually allowed by the fund? Do your thorough due diligence before you devote your time and talent.

Proprietary Trading Fund Conclusion

A prop trading firm trades for itself. The trading firm doesn’t have any customers and it works for itself to achieve long-term profitability.

It is tough to develop a professional trading career in the forex market, but remote online prop trading firms are offering traders a good chance to trade from their home and make a good and steady income. If you are looking for a chance to work with a remote forex proprietary fund, then get in touch with The5ers.

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