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The Five Necessary Steps of Wyckoff Methodology

May 30, 2021 | 11:09 am | Advanced Forex Blog
May 30, 2021 | 11:09 am
Advanced Forex Blog
The Five Necessary Steps of Wyckoff Methodology

Richard Wyckoff Methodology

Legendary stock trader Richard Wyckoff found out some approaches to pick the winning stocks or forex pairs direction.  His approaches and methods are still working in the modern era. Further, Wyckoff’s methodology also indicates the most valuable time to buy a forex currency. Consequently,  if you’re a forex trader, you are able to employ Wyckoff methods.

Aside from employing other methods, you’ll also have to trade with the best forex broker. Hence, checking on the forex broker’s reviews is also necessary to select a broker while you prepare to apply Wyckoff techniques. Having said that, we will discuss the Wyckoff methodology you need to follow to pick the winning currency.


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The Wyckoff Methodology in Depth 

Wyckoff’s method comprises five steps that help a trader to stock selection and take a position.  Nevertheless, understanding all the steps is necessary to get the ultimate success.

If you want to understand Wyckoff trading price movements more deeply, check our Wyckoff Theory article

Besides,  skipping one of the steps may hamper the methods. Let’s jump into the Wyckoff methodology.


1 – Determine the current position and possible upcoming trend of a market 

It is the very first step that requires some assessment on the market. You will need to know if the market is trending in a direction or consolidating. Based on that, initiate your analysis on supply, demand, and market structure to understand the future direction of the market.

The assessment will certainly help you to decide if you need to take a long or short position in your prospective forex trading. To make your assessment more reliable, you can use point, bar, and figure charts of major forex currencies or market indices.


2 – Select stocks or currencies that have synchronization with the trend 

In an upward trend, it would be great if you can select the instruments that are stronger than the current market.

For example, Wyckoff suggested looking for an instrument that shows a significant percentage of the market during any tiny decreases. Alternatively, the downward trend just follows the reverse strategy and picks an instrument that is weaker than the market. However, if you are not exactly sure about the trend, it would be wise to move on to the next one.

You can also use the bar chart for the individual instruments or stocks to compare with the most relevant market data.


3 – Select instrument according to the cause and effect, that also define objectives too 

A critical part of Wyckoff is the trade selection and managing it through his method, which indicates the price target through the point and figures (P&F) for both short and long positions.

According to Wyckoff’s cause and effect rule, the horizontal P&F count denominates the cause, while the relative price movement indicates the effect. Hence, if you aim to take a long position, select the instruments that are growing and have enough cause to satisfy your goal. The next step depends on the P&F chart of the individual instrument.


4 – Select the stocks or instruments ready to rollout

Before deciding to buy or sell a forex pair, apply a nine-test rule to understand both the selling and buying test, which can be done through the supply of low-volume trading. Use a point,  figure, and bar chart to identify the forex pairs.


5 – Start a trade based on market dislocation 

Understanding the market’s fall and rise is necessary to create value while trading. So, it is helpful for the traders to buy the currencies when the market is undervalued because of the downturn and will reverse towards the upcycle.

On the other hand,  individuals aiming for short positions should initiate their trade when the market has a peak.  According to the Wyckoff methodology, traders should anticipate the market turn through following Wyckoff’s 3-laws, which includes- 

  • The direction of the price is determined by demand and supply.  
  • The cause and effect relationship is responsible for market drive and prices. 
  • The law of effort lets the traders see the price movements in advance.


Wyckoff Methodology – Final Words 

Traders found Richard Wyckoff’s principle effective in the early 20th century when it relies on tops,  bottoms, tape, and trend reading. These concepts continue to enlighten the investors and traders even after 90 years and more. However, to understand Wyckoff’s strategy, one needs to have proper knowledge of that. You may educate yourself by reading the Richard Wyckoff trading method pdf guideline. Moreover, continuous analysis and practice are needed too. 

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