$100K Bootcamp

The5ers presents the first low entry cost challenge, where you can prove your trading skills,
and pay the rest only once you’ve passed

Yes, it is a low-priced program, but it is not for everyone: it is designed to test the consistency and discipline of skilled traders.

Traders that want to apply for a trading seat with us will need to complete 3 challenge phases on a demo account.

The challenges aim to look for consistency and profitability.

Once the 3 challenge phases have been completed, the trader will start trading on a live funded account and be applicable for a profit split.

stop paying for failed attempts

Pay a low entry fee,
and the rest upon success!

Pay a low entry fee,
and the rest upon


Demo trade to show your skill
  • Entry cost: 50 EURO
  • Leverage 1:10
  • No minimum days or trades requirements.
  • Maximum time to complete the 3 stages: 12 months.
Starting Balance Maximum Loss (5%) Profit Target (8%)
Challenge 1 $25K $1,250 $2,000
Challenge 2 $50K $2,500 $4,000
Challenge 3 $75K $3,750 $6,000

Trade 6 Figures Fully Funded Live Trading Account

  • Cost: One-time 250 euro payment (only after passing the challenge stages)
  • Growth: Step up Every 5% gain
  • Profit split: Up to 80%/20%
  • Leverage: 1:10
Funded LevelAccount BalanceMaximum Loss (4%)Profit Target (5%)Payout Ratio
Pro PM1$100k$4,000$5,00050/50
Pro PM2$125k$5,000$6,25050/50
Pro PM3$150k$6,000$7,50050/50
Pro PM4$175K$7,000$8,75050/50
Pro PM5$200K$8,000$10,00050/50
Pro PM6$250K$10,000$12,50050/50
Pro PM7$300K$12,000$15,00060/40
Pro PM8$400K$16,000$20,00060/40
Pro PM9$500K$20,000$25,00060/40
Pro PM10$750K$30,000$37,50060/40
Pro PM11$1M$40,000$50,00060/40
Pro PM12$1.5M$60,000$75,00070/30
Pro PM13$2M$80,000$100,00070/30
Pro PM14$2.5M$100,000$125,00070/30
Pro PM15$3M$120,000$150,00080/20
Pro PM16$3.5M$140,000$175,00080/20
Pro PM17$4M$160,000$200,00080/20



This program is intended for every trader that can show consistent profitability on a demo trading account. Our strict challenge will reward the successful traders with the most powerful funded trading program available today.

It will require consistency, patience, proper risk management, seriousness, exceptional trading skills, and discipline.

  • Limit your risk per trade: preferably up to 0.5% of your account per trade.
  • Be patient – wait for the best setups. The market will always present you with new opportunities. 
  • Think on a ‘series of trades’ basis; don’t give too much importance to any single trade. 
  • Don’t overtrade, it never pays in the long run. 
  • Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions – before, during and after trading. Mindfulness is key!

We care about risk.

Opening a position without a StopLoss order, or risking more than 1% of the account balance in a single position, will be considered a risk violation.

Any account with over 3 violations will be automatically terminated.

Absolutely! The small initial fee is to first show us you’re serious enough to put time and effort into our challenging evaluation program. Pay the rest once you’ve passed all 3 challenges and proven you’re ready to start trading a live account.

If you want to start trading on a live account, you’ll have to pay the rest of the registration fee. We will cover all risks related to the trading activity, but we want traders to pay a token of seriousness, and to help cover technical costs involved in delivering this program.

We use the MT5 platform from MetaQuotes. MT5 offers many more advantages over MT4, and is much more beneficial for your trading results.

You can learn more about the MT5 in this video.

You can use any EA you have in your trading account, as long as the EA sets a SL order in each position, and does not use a martingale trading method. 

The SL order has to be visible in the trading platform, so you cannot use a ‘stealth mode’ SL.

You can hold up to 3 Bootcamp Challenge accounts simultaneously, however, you can not manage the 3 accounts the same way or copy trades from one account to another.
You can use the accounts to trade different strategies on them.

Yes! You will get access to our community trading ideas page, the trading room, and exclusive webinars.

There’s no catch! We have no interest in traders failing. In this program, we search for traders who can perform with consistency. This is why we ask them to pay the majority of the registration fee only after passing the 3 Bootcamp Challenge stages.

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