High Stakes


The High-Risk-High-Reward Program For The Confident Trader

Pass the 2-step evaluation and receive the best growth plan available.

Evaluation phase on a demo account.

 Step 1Step 2High Stakes Trader
Max Trading PeriodUnlimitedUnlimitedIndefinite
Minimum Profitable Days333 for scaling
Maximum Daily Loss5%5%5%
Maximum Loss10%10%10%
Profit Target8%5%10% for scaling
Profit Share$95


What is the scaling plan?

For every 10% profit generated on the funded account, the account balance and profit split will be increased according to the table below:
Account Balance Balance Target (10%) Payout ratio
HS- $5,000 $5,500 80%/20%
$7,500 $8,250 80%/20%
$10,000 $11,000 80%/20%
$12,500 $13,750 80%/20%
$15,000 $16,500 80%/20%
HS- $20,000 $22,000 80%/20%
$30,000 $33,000 80%/20%
$40,000 $44,000 80%/20%
$50,000 $55,000 80%/20%
HS- $60,000 $66,000 80%/20%
$70,000 $77,000 80%/20%
$80,000 $88,000 80%/20%
HS- $100,000 $110,000 80%/20%
$125,000 $137,500 80%/20%
$150,000 $165,000 80%/20%
$175,000 $192,500 85%/15%
$200,000 $220,000 85%/15%
$250,000 $275,000 90%/10%
$300,000 $330,000 90%/10%
$350,000 $385,000 100%/0% + $4,000 monthly salary*
$400,000 $440,000 100%/0% + $4,000 monthly salary*
$450,000 $495,000 100%/0% + $4,000 monthly salary*
$500,000 X 100%/0% + $10,000 monthly salary*

* At this stage traders will get a personalized contract.

We receive constant requests for a 2-step program.
We understand some traders feel they can fulfill their potential in programs with strict limits.

It is important for traders to know that this kind of program will have a very low passing rate as it encourages high-risk trading. 

An exciting program designed to test the trading skills of passionate traders willing to achieve a funded account with the industry’s most significant profit split and fastest growth scale.

Highest split in the industry – up to 100%

Monthly salary available

Largest DD

Highest leverage of all programs

Better entry price in the industry

Reward from 1st stage

  • 5% daily loss
  • 10% maximum loss
  • Step 1 time limit: unlimited
  • Step 2 time limit: unlimited
  • Leverage 1:100
  • Target for step 1: 8%
  • Target for step 2: 5%

Traders have all the time they need in order to pass the challenge. However, we want to know that traders are active. Therefore, inactive accounts for more than 21 consecutive days will get expired.

For every 10% profit generated on the funded account, the account balance and profit split will be increased according to the scaling table.

Traders can request payouts at any point, regardless of the 10% growth target.

Please note that the 14-day payout cycle will reset every time you have a new account scaled.

A profitable day is a day on which the closed positions made a positive profit of at least 0.5% of the initial balance. *The positive profit is calculated as follows: Minimum(Midnight Balance, Midnight Equity) – Previous Day Balance

Holding open trades over high-impact news is allowed.

However, it is not allowed to execute any order (market buy, market sell, buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, sell limit) 2 minutes prior or after to high-impact news in the related currency or index.

Doing so may lead to the termination of the account.

WHY? because given the speed and slippage of the movements during high-impact news, these kinds of trades do not make money in the real market, although you may see a profit on your side. 

If you are a regular trader, evaluating risk, taking trades in line with your plan, and treating the accounts like your own personal account you have nothing to worry about…
If you are treating the account as a GET RICH QUICK account then you will need to watch that rule as we will terminate accounts that are reckless.

The maximum loss is 10% of the initial balance.

Daily loss is 5% of the starting equity of the day OR the starting balance of the day (the highest between them) at 5PM EST or 00:00 UTC+3 (Server time).

Reaching any of these limits will lead to the termination of the account.

You can use any EA you have in your trading account, as long as does not:

– copy trades of other person signals
– do tick scalping
– perform latency arbitrage trading
– perform reverse arbitrage trading
– perform hedge arbitrage trading
– use emulators
Any accounts using these types of EAs will be canceled, banned, and not refunded.

Trading will be disabled for EAs from 23:00 to 01:00 GMT+3.

In the High Stakes program, the leverage is set to 1:100.

Each asset group has a different margin requirement affecting the leverage as follows:

Forex pairs- 1:100

Metals- 1:33

Indices- 1:25 

Commodities- 1:33 

Crypto- 1:2


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