Interview With Traders

On His Third Attempt, Rajiv.C succeed To Pass The5ers Evaluation Program And Become A Funded Trader.

January 17, 2019 | 8:56 am | The 5%ers' Blog > Interview With Traders
January 17, 2019 | 8:56 am
The 5%ers' Blog > Interview With Traders

Well done Rajiv.C. you did a great job this time, the consistent and the patience finally became worthwhile, on his third attempt Rajiv needed 1 month to reach the target, his profit Factor is 1.58 which is great, and also a great sharp ratio of – 0.20, he now becomes a funded trader for The5ers Fund with start account of 24K, his next goal is to reach 10% of profit And get doubled to 48K, The5ers team proud of you, and we all wish him a great success.

The5ers Myfxbook Channel

Name:Rajiv Choudhary

Age: 49

Country: Australia


Please describe your trading journey. How long are you trading? when you become consistent? what made the change for you?

  • I have been trading since 2011, and only became consistent, in the last 12 months, The use of good MACD, and Crystal Ball Indicators have made a considerable change for me.

How were you introduced to trading?

  • Vladimir Ribakov, he was my mentor and the one that introduce me the forex market.

Describe your trading plan.

  • Use of Crystal Ball and MACD Convergence Divergence.

Tell us about your trading routine

  • I trade almost all day, starting from the Aussie Session and finishing upto US. Often however, I tend to skip the Aussie session.

How do you manage risk in your trading? Do you have a risk management technique you can explain?

  • I manage risk in 3 steps, 1) Money Management, 2) Trade Management, 3) Overall Mind Management, I use Vladimir Ribakov’s Invalidation/ action zones. and make sure that the lot sizes are small , rather not too large, and don’t use more than 2% of equity balance.

What was your biggest challenge in trading, and how had you overcome this?

  • Waiting for the trade to come to a completion, since I am sure of my strategy, sometimes as the price value goes against me before going in my direction, the wait time is longer. I spend this time for my own research on various subjects of Interest including reading books and watching documentaries and wait patiently.


What was the key moment of your trading career?

  • Getting success with 5%ers is the key moment in my trading career.

In your opinion, what are the most important characteristics for maintaining a steady trading career?

  • Money/ Trade/ and Mind Management, along with the capabilty to wait patiently for a result.

What it the most important trading mental aspect, and how do you apply it in your routine?

  • Patience and calmness. I apply this by NOT starting trading till I am sure I am calm and composed. I do this by going to youtube and start watching videos of interest, if I am rapidly changing channels I know, I am not yet ready and need to get some fresh air or go for a 15 min walk, also I check my heart beat on my smartwatch.

What is your strategy to successfully pass the5%ers evaluation account?

  • Primarily, yousing Indicators like Crystal Ball, and MACD Convergence Divergence, if the MA, and 2 or more MACD are simultaneously in the same direction along with stochastic, I enter otherwise not, I prefer to take trade on an hourly chart.

Please share your recommendations to online resources that were significant to your development path. Name and links are appreciated.




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