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The5ers 2022 Recap & 2023 Exciting News and Projects

December 20, 2022 | 4:06 pm | Forex Blog
December 20, 2022 | 4:06 pm
Forex Blog
In this video, Alex hosts Saul Lokier, the general manager of The5ers, and Michael Katz, the CEO of Trade The Pool, to review the 2022 year and to give some hints on what you can expect to get in 2023.

2023, we are coming for you big time!

In this video, Alex hosts Saul Lokier, the general manager of The5ers, and Michael Katz, the CEO of Trade The Pool, to review the 2022 year and to give some hints on what you can expect to get in 2023.

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2022 in the5ers

We had a very  exciting year in the5ers and we had very successful projects through the year. We started the year with a a new program which was the freestyle where we attempted to measure traders by performance factors and not by profit and loss. It was an interesting and good experiment however we needed to pause it because we figured out that we were funding the wrong traders and some traders were using factors differently than we thought so we just put it on hold while we’re reviewing it and we might launch it again in the future since we had a lot of requests from traders to bring that program back. It was a really well received program, it was very different so we will work on and figure out how to bring that in the future.

We extended the bootcamp program to a new – higher bootcamp program with bigger accounts and also more profit split from day one. From PM2 you get 75% instead of 50%  and that’s something we are going to try to do for the instant funding programs as well, to increase the profit share in favor of the traders.

We have been investing a lot of resources on a risk management part of the company along the year we were very focused on that.

Launching TTP – Trade The Pool

It was an amazing journey that we started this summer and a lot of traders from the forex market actually came and tested it and then we started to reach out to stock traders, like day traders, real stock traders and at least for now they all love it because we can provide day traders with as little $300 entry fee with an account like the big leagues, trading with a $80K  or $260K which is amazing for all traders but specifically for day traders that usually need at least $25K to start trading.

The other thing is we are working on getting more data and more statistics on the traders and we already see an amazing improvement.

End of Year Marathon

We’re working on a special event to close the the year, it’s going to be on the 28th of December and it will be an online live event that is a trading strategies marathon where for 6 hours we will be presenting the trading strategies we personally use in the market. It’s going to be very detailed, it’s going to be very very powerful and it’s going to be fun because we’re going to be presenting a lot of prizes and Raffles in the middle and a lot of surprises going on during the day so check out!

Instead of watching streaming TV, watch this stream! Just come join us on that day, the value is going to be absolutely insane.

2023 is gonna be a crazy year

At the5ers we’re working on a new program which will be launched soon and we’re working hard for June when we will be hosting a big event in London, it’s going to be massive, you must be there and you can’t afford to miss that event. It will have a lot of top traders and coaches from the industry like Steve Ward and other very big names. We ourselves will be there as well and it’s going to be just a day packed with content workshops, education and fun stuff too! There’s going to be a live trading tournament and it’s going to be super super interesting.

It’s an event for traders, it’s not a broker’s event, it’s an event specifically for traders and everybody there is going to be a trader in forex, in commodities, options, crypto, stocks.

The next steps for Trade The Pool

We continue to grow and gather more data on the traders, understanding them better in order to bring extra programs like the Christmas deal where we increase the profit split for the traders and also gave them more time to pass the evaluation.

We’re working on a lot of collaborations, bringing more tools to the traders so they will have the ability to trade much better. We also got symbols now, not just 3000 anymore but 12,000 different tickers that traders now can trade including penny stocks – lots of traders love the penny stocks because the movement that you’ll get there the percentage-wise that they can make in one day in one trade.


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